Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Power Gaming (redux)

Active Power Cost Cap.
In addition to the PL cap, I think I will be using a rule of thumb active power cost cap which will be the cost of the power +extras+power feats. This cap will be some number probably PLx2.

This will make players make some interesting choices regarding their characters' powers.

Power or Flexibility?
The ubiquitous Alternate Power Feat would be less common I think if people would have to sacrifice ranks of maximum power for the various power feats.

Ex. PL 10
1. Exemplar
Blast 10 (Light) (20pp)

2. Flexor
Blast 8 - Light (PF - Accurate) (17pp)
AP - Dazzle (1)
AP - Blast (Extra Area) (1)
AP - Strike (Extra Aura)(1)

I think most players would rather have Exemplar and Power Stunt the other effects.

I may allow the APC to rise with XP before the PL cap to allow for some flexibility as they gain experience.


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