Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Episode: 32 Dances with Wolves

Seeing their fallen comrade, Jack Flash, the team burst into action. Mystery Man folded space around himself and slid through the cracks of reality through the door into the corridor and goes to attack the Burning Man. He warped the space around the Burning Man and the flaming foe retched from nausea.
Marduk kicked open the door to rescue Jack. The backdraft sucked the flames into the medical lab. Dragonfly hoping to keep the fires at bay with this wings ended up causing the fires to swirl around the lab engulfing them all, Immortals and medical staff (who were partially protected behind some cover). Not the most auspicious beginning, but the day was not lost. The Burning Man said something like "mission accomplished" and headed off, leaving the team dying or otherwise injured. Banshee took up the call and uses her healing vibrations to accelerate the healing in the various team members and innocents caught in the blast, she then turns her healing powers on herself. Once the team is healed up. They portaled the medical personnel up to the entry level and started to plan their next move.
But they don't have long to plan, a man posing as a guard started to talk to them and they figured he was not what he seems to be. Before they can get much from him, he vanished and a fight begans with the freed European Villains - Scharfschütze "The Sniper" an invisible sharp shooter; Le Fauchon "The Falcon" a dart throwing flyer; L'Araignée "The Spider" four armed four legged wall crawler; Elegast "Elf Spirit" elvish trickster, El Toro "The Bull" strongman, Attacante "The Striker" disgraced Italian soccer star able to manifest balls of energy. Banshee got a free shot on the villains and summarily dealt with four of them with a single wail. The €urotrash were nearly finished with a single blow. In relatively short work, Attacante and Le Fauchon are brought down by the Immortal's teamwork. They gathered the villains and DragonFly traveled in a portal made by Mystery Man to the entry level. There he was captured and interrogated by the Warden. Both DragonFly and the Warden were worried about the possibility of shape shifters and mind controlled people. The Warden left the room and gave DragonFly ample opportunity to escape from his bonds by secretly instructing the guards to drop 'their guards.' DragonFly didn't take the bait, and thus earned the Warden's temporary trust.
The team sent the €urotrash through the portal and then joined the Warden on the main level. In a power blackout, using paper blueprints and battery power lamps they began to work out a plan. The Warden reminded them that "Plan B" was to sacrifice the hostages and try to destroy the lower levels, and anyone down there. The team tried to come up with an alternative. Their planning session was cut short by word that the elevator (wedged to a stop) was moving. The team ran to the main landing deck as the doors open.
The Herald and a dozen "guards" appeared in the elevator and the Herald pleaded for a truce. He claimed the men were poisoned, and that they would die if the officials did not grant passage to the villains. Of course, this wasn't going to happen, but the confusion generated by the incident was enough to allow the mind controlled guards opportunity to leap over the heads of their confused comrades.
"The Herald" transformed in Ba'al and all hell broke loose.
Mystery Man, DragonFly and Marduk teleported into the Elevator behind Ba'al only to be shunted to a nearby space since the space their were aiming for was occupied. The illusion dropped revealing the mighty form of Impact, and the Bull Demon. Impact leaped into the air coming down with a mighty crash, creating forty foot crater in the reinforced floor of the landing site and creating a shock wave that destroyed virtually every piece of equipment in the large room (including the Paladin Battle Suits of the prison guards) and knocking down pretty much all of the human guards.
Ba'al summoned a massive swarm of flies which distracted and obscured the battle field, then transformed into a swarm himself. A brawl ensued.
The turning point in the brawl was some creative combat with Mystery Man tricking Impact into a sucker punch that landed on his own ally the Bull Demon knocking the mighty villain unconscious. Impact himself managed to laugh off most of the attacks leveled at him until Banshee managed to peg him with a lucky shot (Double Critical) that knocked him out in one shot!
Apparently defeated Ba'al appeared in mid air in his human form quite confident. He admitted the two bricks were planned sacrifices, just as the €urotrash and prison guards before them. He taunted the group, used his emotion control on Banshee who seemed always susceptible to his charms. He didn't do anything particular aggressive to the group, in fact he seemed quite passive. This led DragonFly to posit he was yet another illusion, but when he focused he insect self to find the the Lord of the Flies, the figure of Ba'al appeared to be real. Several attempts to fell the Dark Lord failed as their blows and blasts just went straight through him. He laughed stalling for time. At one point he tried to lure the team away from the Elevator, but only succeeded in attracting more attention to it. Mystery Man and DragonFly 'ported into the shaft above the elevator and spotted a light from above. When they investigated they found signs the Burning Man had tunneled a way out of the shaft to freedom.
Ba'al laughed menacingly having accomplished his goal, and floated up through the ceiling to freedom. The team reconnoitered and discovered that Ba'al, the Herald, Deus X, and The Burning Man had all escaped. By talking to the guards he had in his thrall they learned that Ba'al always seemed particularly interested in Deus X and the Herald more than anyone else. They also learned that the Herald seemed moved mostly by concern for the young boy, perhaps explaining his willingness to go along with the plans of Ba'al.
The team prevented the escape of several villains: €urotrash, Bull Demon, and Impact, any of whom would be a great threat to the world. But the escapees would no doubt return to plague the world. And, the Immortals have lost another one of their own, Jack Flash, one of the founding members. Would they be able to recover?


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Upon reflection, the Healing of DragonFly would be more complicated than we presented it. Banshee's healing is empathetic. So, she would have taken on DragonFly's dying condition. That means she might have died, and at best would be unconscious and disabled (and thus not able to heal everyone else). So. To RetCon, assume she did it, and made her Fortitude Save. She went unconscious and disabled. Then she was revived by someone, and then managed to heal her own disabled condition.

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cool thanks. I had forgotten about his dying condition and what that would have done. will try to keep that in mind for future use.

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