Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Episode 28 - Fish n'Ships

When the Thetis, one of the world's largest cruise ships, left the Port of Franklin, it looked little different from any other cruise. Thousands of mostly senior citizens set sail for the Caribbean. But this ship had some unusual passengers, and a short destiny.
Among the passengers were:
1. A group from the Pons De Leon retirement home of one hundred seniors, most nearing eighty, but all fit and vigorous. Along with them, the young goth geneticist contracted to study their unusual health, Moira O'Laren, a.k.a. Banshee.
2. A group of WWII veterans from the USS Eldridge, a destroyer used in the infamous Philadelphia Experiment.
3. There to meet with the Vets, Mystery Man, miraculously teleported to this time from the 1940s.
4. The parents of Jack "Jack Flash"
The Ship made it just outside US waters when it was "detained" by a Nuclear Submarine. The North Carolina, raised from the dead, stopped the cruise ship and began a lengthy search, claiming that there was a terrorist threat against the vessel. With careful precision the submariners rounded up the crew and passengers (close to 5000 people) and signaled the US Coast Guard and Navy to not approach the two. The ships were surrounded, but with a Submarine, the pirates had the advantage.

The Immortals, minus Hephaestus, who could not be reached by communicator and who apparently took on of the Academy's vehicles on a tear, showed up at the scene. They were given a zodiac raft by the coast guard and approached the scene undetected. They managed to get on the Thetis and begin infiltrating the scene. A quick reconnoiter by Dragon Fly revealed only 3 dozen men had boarded the ship, but they were heavily armed. He also saw some people moving something from the Submarine's missile bay to the cruise ship's cargo doors. He approached and saw a woman bound to some ancient stone disk being moved into the ship's hold. he recognized her, as a somewhat changed version of Torrent. The scene was being controlled by a beautiful woman who seemed in charge of the operation and strangely fond of the bound woman.

Shortly after arriving everyone was assembled in the main dining room, and an attractive woman gave a speech. She apologized for the inconvenience, but offered everyone the opportunity to find a new live, and restored youth if they were to join her. The rest she offered safe passage off the ship. Most of the passengers left in small, well orchestrated groups, but about 200 remained on the ship.

Dragon Fly informed the team of his discovery, and they moved down to that area. After Jack Flash quickly took out some guards, Dragon Fly tried to take out the leader, Tiamat, but one of her trusty body guards leaped in the way intercepting Dragon Fly's blast and falling the ground unconscious. Tiamat then threatened to have the hostages killed unless the Immortals stand ground. Grudgingly, they did, and they followed her to the observation deck. There Tiamat introduced her "Twice Born" a group of aquatic super villains: Mako, the man-shark, Cuttlefish, the shape shifting cephalopod, Crustacean, the crab-like armored hulk, and Anemone, a tentacled horror. There was some discussion about her plans, she claimed that she was going to take the whole ship, and the volunteers to her 'realm.' She offered the Immortals the opportunity to join her, but they refused and insisted she would fail. Jack Flash took an opportunity to slip out and race to the Cargo Hold to try to free Torrent. As she did the Fish Force joined the battle. It didn't last long, after a few rounds of sparring, Tiamat reminded the Immortals she still had the hostages.


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