Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Episode 29 (Banshee's POV)

Moira, unsure what to do about the guards bided her time in the dining area oblivious to the other things happening in different parts of the ship. She did not want to take the risk of hurting the group of innocent elderly people if she used her powers so she waited.

she waited.

Keeping her eye on the guards she finally saw them switch off the safeties and begin to point their weapons at the group. She could no longer wait. Lifting up above the crowd she dropped her disquise and let loose with a keening wail at one of the group of guards. It worked!! They were down and apparently unconscious. She quickly turned to the others and wailed again. Her luck was holding, these too were down and unconscious.

Before she could do anything else a small voice sounded in the room asking if she needed any help. She quickly tossed the guns overboard and the small flying creature ordered some of the people to tie up the guards.

He/it then asked her to follow to help out one his/its comrades. They reached the cargo hold only to find a guy that Banshee recognized the one as being a member of The Immortals but did not recognized the guy in the white trenchcoat. She also recognized a blue skinned woman that they were fighting. They seemed to also be trying to destroy a huge rock that seemed both familiar and not familiar both evil and not.........she could not put it into words.

She flew into action once more trying to use her scream to take out the villians........and yes there were more villians. Strange looking ones. She did manage to hurt one but one that seemed to have all kinds of tenticles engulfed her and she couldn't do anything. The tiny creature that she had followed and Jack Flash hit it simultainiously and took her out but also knocked her backward against the wall.

Another hero arrived, one in chrome armor. He took on the crab guy. she managed to hit it but did no real damage to it. The guy in the white trench coat was hit by something that looked like a squid and disappeared. Jack was also hit and knocked down. She had a great opportunity to hit 3 of the bad guys with a blast and she took it. It worked!!! The squid and blue lady were sent reeling. She then flew over to Jack and took on some of his injuries. She then healed herself.

The Guy in the white trench coat returned apparently having been healed. The tide had turned in their favor. Jack had managed to crack the stone, the crab, the blue lady, the tenticled one, and a shark guy were all down and out. The squid managed to slip away.

She then followed most of the others to look for more of their team. Finding him with the leader of the villians was not good. As we were about to attack it was pointed out that the leader had Jack's parents under guard. There was no choice but to stand down. The leader turned into a dragon and took off, ordering the last member of the team to follow her. Fortunately he came to senses and did not follow her. While most of the others were shaken by what appeared to be fear at the sight of the dragon, she seemed to be immune to it. Interesting.

The team introduced themselves and asked her and the guy in white, who called himself Mystery Man, to come with them and meet someone called Armand or something like that.

Will be interesting to see who or what Armand is and if these people will accept her.


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