Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Mystery Character Generation

Normals - PL5 any number of points (no powers/no super human abilities).

And then, there is the problem.
In theory, I am building the Super Powers for the characters Post Event. No problem. I can do that.... but...

The Devil is in the Details.
I could "finish" the job, of the players by (a) deciding the new traits and (b) working out the details. This would be relatively easy. But, it isn't exactly what I want to do.

How can I give the players some measure of control over character generation, and still keep the genre of the discovering their powers?
One Thought
(1) Start them with some minor traits (super senses, feats, super movement, etc..) "They know something is different"
(2) At some point in the story under stress a power manifests itself. "A bolt of lightning lances from your hands to the gas pump igniting into a conflagration." "You've got Blast" or whatever. And then let them play with it using Hero Points and Extra Effort. I give the PC the power write up after the session...
(3) Giving them the option to make any such use a permanent part of the character.
(4) Repeat for a while.
(5) Once they've gotten 75% or so of the character completed this way. Let them assign the remaining points. Do a sort of Training Montage with them either training solo, in the group, or under the tutelage of some instructer.


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