Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Event - Part 1

December 16th - 2005
Scientists are unsure how to categorize the events that occured that day. Here is what is known.
Stage One - 8:56pm EST - Gravity Fluctuation detected by satalites in Earth Orbits of these Statalites are still be corrected)
Stage Two - 8:58pm EST - Electromagnetic Pulse center 4,400 meters in the air at Latitude : 35.6171381629608 Longitude : -77.0305934216478 - EMP causes 17 airplanes including 7 large passenger jets to drop from the skies and crash seconds later. EMP cause a power surge and blackout throughout the area primarily by affecting the Chocowinty Power Station. The black out lasts for approximately 7 hours across the county and neighboring regions.
Stage Three - 9:03pm EST - High Pressue - Barometers around the city go off the charts as atmospheric pressure reaches a high several millibars than previously recorded in that area. Paradoxically, this was accompanied by cloud formation, and high winds (contrary to normal weather patterns).
Stage Four - 9:05AP EST - Energy Surge - A bolt of unknown energy strikes the earth in two places. One 15 miles east of Franklin City (about half way to Pantego), and the other 5 miles south east in the Pamlico Sound at Blounts Bay. The energy type is unknown but massive, the equivalent of a 100 megaton nuclear blast. It was concentrated in the two areas, but the various effects of the impact were felt throughout the region.
At Site 1, the bolt destroyed most of the Grover's Farm. The is an impact crater believed to be 75 meters across and deep (precise data unavailable, because the site is a no fly zone). It is also rumored that the hole below it showed signs of burrowing to unknown depths. The area has a one mile quarantine zone maintained by the Air Force.
At Site 2, a plume of vaporize water leapt hundrds of miles into the sky and stayed cohesive long enough to be seen over France weeks later. The blast resulted in a massive fish kill, local fisherman have been bailed by the government in a two year staged program to slowly return them to their work after careful study of the effects. The impact site appears to be slightly more deflected than Site 1, and the effect appeared to open a trench under the bay. This results in a draining of the bay into the trench, and subsequent tsunami when the ocean refilled the bay. Because of the distance inland, the tsunami was of moderate strength is resulted in only minor destruction.

Parallel Event - 02:50AM GMT - Astronomers around looking at Jupiter note an energy trace visible from the earth. An arc of energy was measured that seemed to be similar to the one seen in North Carolina. The time dealy suggests that the effect was simultaneous to the event on Earth. Studies of this energy pattern reveal similar events in other star systems throughout the stellar neighborhood. Previously believed to be atmospheric interference.

Immediate Aftermath - The Beaufort County Coroner estimates that immediately following Stage 4 of the Event, approximate 2400 people were killed by the EMP and Impact. The majority of the 32,000 deaths resulted in the following minutes and hours. With the EMP and blackout, there were plane crashes, fires, massive car crashes and a complete overload of the civil emergency services, the city and region were in chaos.
Major Fires swept through the poor Southern District of Franklin, and at BFI (Benjamin Franklin International Airport). Luckily the traffic situation was not overly serious due to the hour. But there were dozens of serious car accidents throughout the region. In addition there was a commuter train collision with a chemical train West of the city. The nearby Greenville Nuclear Power Plant suffered a type 3 alarm, but was able to be shut down without meltdown.
Approximately 1 in 5,000 people in the region suffered from related but unprecedented neurological damage from the event, but the direct causation is unknown. The visible symptoms include bleeding from the eyes and ears. The immediate behavioral symptoms was primarily hysteria and rage.

Long Term Effects - Despite the massive energies unleashed by the event, there is little or no lingering radiation, realtively minor structural damage, and reconstruction was begun quickly. The Federal Government quickly declared a federal emergency and used civilian and military personnel to deal with the emergency. Having learned its lesson from Katrina, the government acted swiftly with massive aid and control. Because of the extra terrestrial origin of the event, the Air Force took control treating the incident as a possible attack until it was clear that this was not the case.
Approximately 30% of the casualties from the Event can be attributed to radiation sickness and other mysterious illnesses called CES (Catastrophic Event Syndromes). Blindness, burns and other illnesses were commonplace. In addtion the 'Bleeders' began to suffer a heightened rate of psychopathia. Several mental institutions were constructed in the area to deal with the vast number of cases (over 4000).

Electronic Equipment and File damage. The Event caused a massive loss of electronic equipment and damage. Many companies lost all electronic data, and many of their computers were destroyed. Government recovery programs have helped people by replacing their equipment, and helping them recover lost data. A group of volunteer computer geeks called The Atomic Think Tank, has assisted in this process. About a hundred or so companies were not able to function after the Event and closed shops, but most of their employees have be reabsorbed into the recovering economy. All in all Franklin has bounced back well from the devastation. As government oversight of the Impact Site, hospitals and research is beginning to be farmed out to contracters and universities, new discoveries about the event and its aftermath are being revealed.
One of these discoveries is a new metallic alloy called EVA (Event Alloy) which may simply the result of the vast energies fusing other metals together, has shown remarkable maleability, durability, and conductivity. Already US Minerals has petitioned to mine the alloy and exploit that resource.
Site 1 management has been contracted to Cromwell Industries, with US Airforce oversight. Site 2 management has been contracted to Seaboard Oceaongraphic with US Navy oversight.


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