Thursday, February 09, 2006


Responding to concerns about Evasion.

I was going to say that Evasion is necessary for light Toughness/high Defense characters. Since Area ignores Defense, Area wipes these characters out otherwise.

None of the red flags listed in the Power Gaming posts were meant as out right bans of the power or feat. Instead they are just that, I will pay particular attention to them.
I agree that PL trade off characters with low Toughness scores need some kind of trick to survive area effect attacks. I will probably be hesitant to allow Evasion 2 as a purchased Feat, but happy to allow people to heroic effort it.
The other red flags are, again, alerts to the player and GM.


Anonymous Benny Boy said...

I had a lot of reservations about some things that seem too much like gimmes, but the checks and balances turn out pretty well in most cases. Evasion and Evasion 2 help prevent area attacks from becoming the perfect solution to too many situations, which is boring as hell.

Evasion 2 is not much stronger than Evasion 1, since it just reduces the affect of failed reflex saves. You would never use heroic effort -- unless you were being pelted by a lot of area attacks in one round and expected to fail a bunch you would always be better off using a hero point to reroll a save (reflex or damage).

7:23 AM  
Blogger Scholz said...

Some of my trepidation comes from a group of characters submitted to me... all of which had 10 Toughness (or higher) Defense 20, and Uncanny Dodge, Evasion 2. Since I am going to be pushing attacks with PLx2 APC, Area attacks are likely to be around rank 6. Which means they will useless against characters in the above situation. (That was the case in the Playtest (btw).. the area attacks were pointless. ) So, the plan is to let the low defense characters have that, but not the higher ones.

5:55 PM  
Anonymous benny boy said...

See, that's just cheesy. I'm fine with the 10/10 defense part, but you need some justification to have uncanny dodge or evasion. The ninja or speedster gets to buy it, but the brick does not. It's just party balance.

Are you having them make characters together? It sounds like no. Insert obligatory link to Making the Party, a la the establishing norms section, or Instant Party Consensus to avoid toe stepping.

That other character creation process you told me about seemed to go well exactly because everyone made characters together.

6:24 PM  

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