Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Mental Grapple

I may float this idea over at the Atomic Think Tank.
But I have a minor tweak for Mental Grapples. I was thinking, that, in general, the Mentalist has a pretty strong advantage over typical (low will save) opponents in this contest (and since it doesn't require a To Hit roll) it will usually work. So my minor 'fix' create something like Escape Artist for Mental Grapples.
I would think that Bluff seems the likely candidate. But as I think about it there are numerous possibilities.
So here is the plan:
Mental Grapple check apply your Will Save bonus, Wisdom Bonus, Mental Power or Bluff check to escape as per Escape Artist. If you have the Startle Feat, you can use your Intimidate skill instead of your Bluff Skill.
With the use of a Hero Point you can use and Interaction Skill as a substitute for your Mental Grapple check.

This will probably not have a huge impact on the game. But will make it possible for the sly, subtle, or fierce characters to have a slightly better chance at escaping the mental grapple.


Blogger Scholz said...

I may just use the rules for Distraction and Demoralize for forcing a concentration check during Mental Grappling. That might be good enough. So they would need first to succeed at the Distraction or Demoralization, then the Grappler would get a Concentration check.

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