Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Prelude - Jack Summerhall

Adventure Summary
Decemember 16th 2005
-Jack is a freelance writer and part time volunteer fire fighter from a quasi-artistocratic family in Washington N.C., a wealthy suburb of Freedom City.
He not as successful as his siblings, or parents, but he makes do.
One day was like many others, or so it seemed. He was on duty at Fire Station 5742 out in the country in Sandhurst, off Hwy 32. He was working on a fluff piece about the Crappie Festival when they were hit by a power surge and blackout.
The firefighters figured something was up with the massive black out, and go ready to go. It wasn't long after that they heard a huge explosion. They looked around and saw a major fire in the distance. Driving towards it, they saw other fires, the radio was a jumble of confusion, so they pressed on. When they got to the blaze they saw the wreckage of a 737 splattered across the field.
Jack drive as close as he could, and they got out to help. They were getting their gear together when his comrade Beau pointed out a strange atmostpheric phenomenon. The clouds, a swirling purplish mass were writhing and foaming in the sky. Then seconds later he felt a the tingle of ionization and the smell of ozone. Expecting lightning, he dove for the ground commanding anyone near him to do the same.
There was a blast of blinding light, a wave of scorching fire, and blow of concussive force that was the last thing he remembered.

April 18th 2006
St. Agnes Hospital
Jack awakes from a coma. He is still bandaged, burnt and bruised from the injuries he took that fateful day. A day the doctors and the refer to simply as 'The Event.' Jack experiences some unusual phenomena at first. His hospital room is unnervingly quiet. The TV, Clock and intercom do not seem to function. Maybe the clock is moving, but very slowly. He is too wounded to get up. Then he is hit be a wave of pain in his head, and the door opened with a nurve alarmed to see him awake. She summoned a doctor and the situation and Event were explained.
[See Entry on the Event]
In the hospital, he learns of Beau, his co-fire fighter. Apparantly he wasnot seriously wounded, but he has had a psychotic episode as a result of the event. He is one of the 'Bleeders' and was fixated on finding and talking to Jack. The hospital has him under protective custody and won't let him have visitors until he can control his violent rages.

He is taken home by his mother. He learned of his brother James's job loss due to the Event, and subsequent heavy drinking. One day as he was recovering, and watching his brother outside stumbling near the Koi pond he saw James slip and fall into the pond.
Then suddenly he was there, holding his brother's surprised head out of the water. He has no idea how he got there, but he knows he is somehow different.


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