Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Episode 7 - Stop Dragon My Heart Around

Preludes - Jack gets a date with a sexy biochemist he meets at the public library.
James has strange dreams of fighting and losing to the Dragon Goddess Tiamat.
Lisa swims near Site 2, discovers an abandoned Korean cargo ship, and a mysteriously fast swimmer.
Ben appears to be sought out by a Digital Video Camera that is in the possession of a child pornographer.
Consulting the team, they agree to hand over the evidence to the Special Victim's Unit of the Franklin Police Dept. The PD agrees to let them know when they plan on moving in on the suspect.
Later Jack gets a call that something is amiss at the Fairweather Labs where Ashley Morganthal (his biochemist date) works. They travel to visit her and find that she has been arrested for threatening emails and possibly for the destruction of a NOAA small boat, which sank earlier that week. The email bore the oddly coincidental name: The team decides to head out to her house before the Feds do, to snoop around for any connection to Marduk's dreams. Sure enough they find sketches of hybrid monsters in her study, a number of which resemble those James remembers from his dreams and studies of the Enuma Elish. They begin a plan to contact her in custody when she calls them letting Jack know she has been released pending charges.
The next day Jack calls her and they find out she was put on administrative leave. The team goes to talk to her and finds her cleaning out her office. There is some discussion about her dreams and the connection to James's dreams. She rejects the idea that she is Tiamat, some sort of evil goddess. She says that they are dreams, and she can choose her own destiny. There is some sense of relief at this. They help her with her files, when she is called to tell them that the very site they are at is being attacked. The team rushes to the dock to find a giant floating Man-O-War. The beast has two scientists or sailors in its tentacles. Jack rushes to rescue one, and Marduk the other. Jack Flash and Torrent eventually free his, but Marduk himself is caught in the grip of the Enormous Jelly. A long fight ensues. Silver Dragon uses a nearby crane to help Marduk escape. Jack Flash douses the Jelly in gasoline from a nearby refueling center. Torrent alternates between blasting the thing, and trying to free Marduk from its grasp. Eventually Jack Flash gets the fires lit, and Silver Dragon fearing the blaze might catch the gas lines moves the Jelly with the crane over the water. Torrent quells the flames on the gas tank with a deluge of water. Marduk and the Jelly have suffered in the blaze and eventually it drops him into the water. The sudden blast of water wakes Marduk from unconsciousness, but only to find himself burdened with armor and a sword, he falters in the water. Silver Dragon jumps in to save him, but ultimately Torrent simply grabs them both with a water tentacle and dumps them on shore. Blasts from Torrent, javelins from Jack flash and previous damage eventually brings down the beast. The coup de grace done by an animated Forklift launched from the dock by Silver Dragon. The best is dead, and Ashley, the marine biologist is not happy. Her words of scorn, claiming no one understands, seem to portend a dark future.
Marduk can't shake the feeling that he was wearing armor and weilding a bow. He also felt the technicians and guards watching the fight resembled crab headed men. He wonders now if he truly can distinguish his dreams from reality.
But the team is successful. No one was killed, and the injuries sustained by the sailors of the Cousteau were treatable. The administers at the lab thank them profusely and welcome future working together perhaps even to explore the site 2 interdiction zone.
Also learned. The Korean Freighter is no where to be found.
Everyone gets 2pp.


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