Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Episode 3: Nightfall on the Asylum

Jack heads out to the Teach Academy and explores the grounds and house. He isn't given too much time to settle in, because Ormond tells him about another possible Super in Franklin. There were a number of suicides at the Providence Asylum following the Event. All told 8 suicides in 6 months.All of them had peaceful contact with another patient who claimed to be responsible for their deaths. Jack decides to head out an investigate, Ormond offers him a secret identity posing as a visiting psychologist from D.C.
He got there and met Dr. Fitzgerald, the director of the asylum, and they talked a bit about the patient Dirk Donovan. Donovan had been catatonic for fifteen years following the suicide of his mother (who apparantly left a note blaming him). But shortly after the Event, Donovan, woke up, and began to talk with other patients allegedly goading them into suicides. Dr. Fitzgerald said it was policy of the asylum to refuse play along with delusional patients. Also, despite his sinister words, they see this change as a real improvement. Afterall, he was entirely catatonic before.
Jack met the man and had a strange conversation with the clearly dangerous person. He claimed to 'occupy' the body of Donovan, but had little more than contept for him. He called himself "Nightfall." Instead he claimed to be the niggling voice that caused people to consider and carry out suicides, give in to their dispair, but now since the Event he had been embodied in this form. And while limited by the physical form, he was considerably more powerful and focused. He liked the asylum, surrounded by so much dispair and mania. So he had no reason to leave. He di dlike to get out and read the obituaries when he could. He called them "the funny papers." He suggested that Dr. Smithers, the psychiatrist working with him before (now on leave) would soon be giving into his dispair.
Jack tried to convince the Director that Donovan should be restrained and kept in solitary confinement, but was more worried about Dr. Smithers. He raced to the Chocowinty Bridge, thinking he might catch the man about to commit suicide, but was releaved to find him not there. He tracked him to his house, where he was clearly preparing to end things, his ligfe was packed away and he had taken a large dose of morphine. He was just about to leave, presumably heading for the bridge, when Jack stopped him and tried to 'talk him down.' Part way into the conversation, the voice of Donovan joined the discussion. Jack moved Smithers into the house and confronted Nightfall. With lightning speed Jack Flash pummeled the villain and had him stunned and staggered. But then, somehow, Nightfall was able to shake off the damage and threw the area into an unpenetratable darkness and silence. This made things more challenging for our hero. Using the cover of the darkness, Nightfall scoured Jack Flash with a flurry of blows that started to sap his confidence. Thinking fast, of course, Jack Flash spun rapidly with his fists balled making an dangerous defense. Nightfall withdrew and showed some surprise at Jack's abilities. He promised they would meet again. As his leapt across the street and began to leave. "See you in the funny papers."


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