Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Episode 1: Burning Man!

Jack Summerhall returns to the St. Agnes Hospital to try to find out about Beau, his co-firefighter who apparantly went crazy. When he got there, he found high security surrounding the facility. He was forced to wait for some time, but eventually he was let in, and asked to stay a few days for some 'Tests' The doctors claimed to have found a 'tumor' in his head. Jack waited patiently, no one wants a tumor, for his tests. He noticed that the doctors who wanted to conduct the test were not the normal Air FOrce doctors, or traditional civilian staff, in one of their briefcases, he say a Cromwell Industries (Military Contractor) insignia.
After hours pass, an alarm goes off. Assuming it a fire alarm, Jack gets ready to make an orderly exit, but he is told to go back to his room, as it was a security alarm.

James Allen, half naked and soaked to the bone stops running, and returns to the hospital to check on the mysterious patient whose code he had written on the back of the business card Lt. Acorn gave him. He had to skirt security and work his way back through heightened security. As he enetered the same building he left through last time, he saw some indication that his exit was discovered, flags and tags showing a quick investigation. He didn't have long to ponder the situation as there was a huge explosion coming from the hospital. He ran to a window and spotted a massive burst of fire coming out of a ground floor door to the hospital. Claxons rang out and security troops ran to the scene. He used the cover of the confusion to try to waylay a pass guard and take his clothes. Sadly, that attempt was less than successful. Instead the SP (security police) fired on him with an M4 Carbine. The soldier scored several hits and James was stunned from the attack, but still standing.

Meanwhile, Jack heard the blast and raced down to the scene. As he looking into the burning building, he saw a man on fire run out. He thought about patting the fire out, but the man was clearly drneched in some firey material since the heat was unbearable. He tried to use a nearby fire extinguisher, but the CO2 was just being disipiated by the heat emanating from the man who somehow was still standing. The screams of the man were horrifying so Jack went into the hospital to find something to smother the flames with. While inside, he heard the cries of someone else, and took a deter to rescue a woman pinned under a burning timber. He brought her out to safety to find the Burning Man still standing and facing off with several SPs. The frightened SPs fired a salvo at the Burning Man. The bullets seemed to melt in the flames surrounding him. This only enraged him further and with an angry gesture the flames around him extended thirty feet and engulfed a helpless soldier.
James managed to take two SPs out of the fight by throwing one into the other. And there was a valiant attempt made to negotiate with the man, still manic and panicked from the flames around him. Jack ran to a nearby construction site to get something to use against the Burning Man, James continued to try to negotiate with him while calming the agitated soliders around them.

As the Burning Man turned to leave the area he blasted the hospital and a nearby HumVee. James tried to intercede one final time and this time the Burning Man unleashed his power on him. Somehow James was able to resist the flames without injury. By the Jack showed up with a heavy chain and he wrapped up the Burning Man rendering him helpless, but still on fire. James used the opportunity to punch the Burning Man, stunning him. Finally, Jack used his great speed to slam into the Burning Man and push him into a nearby fire hydrant.The water succeeded in dousing the flames of the Burning Man.

The heroes were strangely, not so out of place in the chaos that followed as patients, doctors and others began to evaculate the building. A short time later, troops and a helicoptor arrived, they knowingly used counter measures against the wet man, and fire fighting at the hospital started in full. The characters noticed something unusual in the evacuation of the hospital. Most patients were moved to safety but left on the grounds, some seriously wounded were med-evac'd to other locations. But some, apparantly uninjured, but restrained and hidden, were snuck out in unmarked helicopters to parts unknown.

It was then they ran into Lt. Acorn who was trying to prevent them from taking one man, who turned out to be her brother. She urged the heroes to get away while they still could. There was some discussion of what they shoudl do. She suggested that there was some kind of conspiracy going on, and that Jack's alleged 'Tumor' was probably just an excuse to keep him there for study. They did have a bit of luck, in the Burning Man's initial escape, he set fire to the room where most of the records were kept. So, it is possible that their identities might be preserved.

The two heros agreed to leave the scene by Taxi. James called a producer friend of his, Tom McGin, to find a place to lay low. They ended up in Bath, a nearby town, in a vacation home. The next day, a package from McGinn with clothes, credit cards and a phone. They spent the next day researching what they could about conspiracies in the government. Their search was too fruitful. There are hundreds of websties dedicated the conspiracy. Sifted through the bull will be a challenge in itself.

For now, they are safe, and ready to prepare for the next stage of their new lives.


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