Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Episode 4: Bull in a China Shop

Ben Lee is working late one night in his store after closing time when he hears a noise at the front door. Approaching, he sees an angry looking man trying to get his attention. He tells the man that the store is closed, but the man demands entry to get some 'medicine.' Lee refuses and calls the cops. They show up and seem to conference with the man, who seems to have a prior relationship with them. They call Lee out to discuss the situation. Charlie (NiuMo) Wang (a big tough looking young man) says he was visiting Lee's shop to get a package he ordered. The policeman convinced Lee to hand over the package rather than file a complaint, and Lee grudgingly agrees believing something is amiss. Looking at the discarded wrapper of the package he spies that it is "Yaoguai Niu" (Demon Bull) powder (a male enhancement herb). For the next order, Lee adds another dose to the package in order to keep some for himself, and learn its secrets.
Lisa Chun was walking home from the theatre, alone a night, something she would only do having discovered her super powers. She spied a well dressed man drive up to an ATM. The man casually walks up to the ATM and smashes it with his fist. In short order, he trashes the machine and fills his pockets with piles of cash. Chun decides to do something and encases the man in a globe of water. He is surprised and stopped by the attack. They exchange some witty banter and soon sirens can be heard. Chun, a bit nervous about exposing her powers to the police, decides to wait until the last moments, and then release the man and move away. Sadly the impression left on the policemen is one of her jetting away on a geyser of water from the scene of the crime, and the man standing soaking wet near the machine. The news reports that she is the suspect in the ATM robbery.
The next day, unsure of how to clear her name, she pays a visit to the Teach Academy. There she makes the acquaintance of Jack Flash and Marduk and they show her the grounds. They explain their abilities to each other, and the mission of the Academy to learn about and benefit from the changes caused by the Event, and use those gifts to help mankind.
Meanwhile, Lee, seeing the news report about the ATM robbery, and catching a glimpse of Wang, contacts the Teach Academy hoping to learn something of this man who seems to have gained super strength from the Event. Then Chun, Jack Flash and Marduk head out to Lee's Grocery to find out what he knows. Before they are able to learn much, Wang returns, angry at discovering that Lee changed the order. There is a brief and angry discussion wherein Wang demands all of the product for free, and ends with him knocking down a shelf of videos.
Combat ensues. Jack Flash uses a flurry of blows on Wang, Marduk sucker-punches him, Lee fakes him out warning him about the lobsters, Chun ducks into the dark aisles to change into costume (Retroactive - Hero Point). In the next round they stun him, knock him to the ground, and dunk him with water from the lobster tank. He seems humiliated and beaten. But the fight is not over, he rises, steaming, pulls the Demon Bull powder from his coat, and downs the entire contents. His muscles begin to ripple, his veins bulge, and his skin begins to turn green. From his skull two long horns protude. He rises to a height of 10 feet and massing hundreds of pounds. Half man, half bull but with a demonic twist. He bellows at those around him.
The team acts quickly trying to defeat him. Jack Flash and Torrent (Chun) soon find their blows do nothing to his newly strengthened hide. Even the mighty Marduk has trouble hurting the man, the Bull Demon takes the fight outside, and team follows him outside. When Lee tries to distract him again, the Bull Demon laughs that he can't be fooled twice. At one point the Bull Demon hurls a van at the team and watches it crash into the store. Lee dives after it and touching the Koi tank he strengthens the ceramic tub enough to stop the movement of the van.
At this stage the group discusses working together. Jack Flash takes some rope and winds it loosely around the Bull Demon entangling him. Torrent and Marduk come up with a plan. She forms a massive geyser under Marduk sending him hurtling at the Bull Demon. The combined energies are incredible. Marduk's jet assisted punch sends the Bull Demon hurling across the street, through the wall of the carpet store across the street, through its back wall, through the alley behind the store, through the next wall, and flat into a huge gong in the tourist shop on the next street over. When the team follows the path of destruction across the street they see Wang, back in human form. Lee touches the man's silk coat and convinces the coat to wrap him up like a straight-jacket and hold him fast.
Eventually, the police show up, and finding it to be a "super" crimescene, they summon the Police's 'special perpetrator vehicle' (SPV), an armored van with heavy EVA shackles. The team heads back to the Academy, Lee promises to join them there.


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