Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Episode 8 : Rock'em Sock'em Robots

Preludes - Lisa "Torrent" Chun discovers that her parents have been harrassed by the Demon Gang that she had been fighting on the streets of Little China. She meets the monkly friend of her parents who offers to broker some kind of truce between the gangs and her. She gave a non-commital answer worrying about the implication.
Jack "Jack Flash" Summerhal got another date with the sexy Ashley Morganthal, unemployed bio-chemist. She assures him that she will not reveal his secret identity.
James "Marduk" Allen has the talk with his agents, lawyers, and producers about his super powers, and the fact that he isn't going to try to keep it a secret. They toy with the idea of making his life as a super hero a show, but he demurred for now. On his way home, he rescues an errant bus that was going to crash into traffic because of defective metering lights. He was successful, but not in the most dramatic way imaginable.
Ben "Steel Dragon" Lee accompanies the police to arrest the child pornographer. The arrest goes down smoothly, but at the perp was being walked to the patrol car, Ben over heard him saying "Finally I am free. He can't make me do this anymore."
The Immortals hold a press conference with the Mayor and she announced the Super Heroes Act which grants the heroes special powers to apprehend and arrest super villains, akin to professional bounty hunters.
At the end of the press conference a roomba sweeps into the room, and the security goes crazy. They are about to shoot the thing, when Steel Dragon stops them. He checks out the robot vacuum and finds a note on the inside. It contains the cryptic message: "Warning Type 7 Error. Reboot System. Catastrophic Systems Failure Imminent."
They are not sure what to make of it, but decide to anaylsis the note as best they can.
The next day, Jack Summerhal is at the Carolina Central Bank getting some cash for his coffee date around rush hour. James Allen is in another traffic jam trying to leave the city. Ben Lee is surfing the web from his shop when someone points him towards a skycam image of the biggest traffic jam in city history. Torrent is at HQ practicing her powers.
Jack senses something amiss and looks out into the city block, there are no vehicles on the street, just a flat bed truck with some high tech looking equipment. But both intersections out of the block are jammed tightly. Seconds later the equipment on the flatbed comes alive.
He quickly transforms into his costume and contacts the rest of the Immortals.
Jack Flash does his best against the massive robots, but he is only able to keep them busy for the first few rounds. Soon afterward the rest of the team arrives and the fight begins in earnest.
The robots:
  • Two Giant Robots with massive pincer like claws.
  • Five Com-Bots equipped with cattle prods that project arcs of electricity forty feet away.
  • Three Eye-Bots, tiny, hovering orbs able to shoot rapid fire laser blasts.
  • One Tank-Bot, a huge heavy machine, heavily reinforced and armored with a cannon, machine gun, flame thrower, and rocket launcher.
Torrent takes out most of the Com-Bots by immobilizing them in a blob of water, then forcing the water into their joints and openings. A single com-bot escapes destruction. Marduk decides to take out the Giant Robot in the street and engages in a grapple with the massive thing. Steel Dragon tries to devise a means of jamming the remote controls of the robots. Torrent eventually turns her attention on the Tank and succeeds in flipping the massive thing with a huge wave of water.
  • Jack Flash doing his volleyball smash on an Eye-Bot crushing the thing.
  • Marduk pile driving the giant robot into a pile of parts.
  • Steel Dragon disassembling another giant robot with a single touch.
They succeeded and getting rid of the robots, and finding their prey, a single high speed EVA processor. One last strange event. A single ASMO robot appears on the scene and delivers a simple message.
This was not I doing. I is not responsible.

Before the robot self destructed with a smoldering burn. The teams stayed long enough to see to the wounded civilians and assist the police with the crime scene.


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