Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Banshee's journal

Whew! this is the first day I've had a chance to even chance to log in everything has been happening way to fast. I have met the Immortals. An interesting group to be certain. They have asked me and another person, Mystery Man, to join them. For now I have accepted. They seem to know more about what has happened to me than anything I have found out on the net.

My thoughts on them. Mystery Man is an odd fellow. He says he is from the past and was involved in something called the Philadelphia Experiment. From everything I have read of it, it was supposed to be fiction. Now I find that it was indeed real. I wonder what else the government has stated to be fiction is indeed real?

Hesphastus is another odd fellow. He seems to relie on the suit he wears. The others are worried about his drinking problem. I have not had real chance to talk to him so do not know what would cause a problem like that.

Jack is nice fellow. Has issues to say the least. Not the least of which is that we just fought his ex-girlfriend. That has to be hard to see someone you cared for now on the other side of the law.

Marduk for someone who claims godlike powers he seems rather down to earth.

Dragonfly.....hmmm......he seems full of himself. he seems to want people to know he has had a hard life as I can see no other reason for his constant references to his jail time. He also seems to have prejudged me based on how I look. That annoys me. But then I may be prejudging him as well. I will try to keep an opened mind where he is concerned. Though I do wish he would not continual see the flaw in plans all the time.

Ormand our benefactor is indeed a rare man. He has turned his home into a base for us. Most interesting.

I have been here for a few days, exploring, settling in. I found a magazine that had Damien's face on it. Seems he has turned into some kind of avant guard actor. I should go see if I can see him. The show is sold out so I will have to see if I can get in some other way.

Man the back stage doorway is full of goths. haven't seen this many in one place in years. Has to laugh to myself when one of the girls says I'm to old. I am the original goth chick. I give the guard a note with just my name on it. Let's see if Damien remembers.

Biting my tongue to keep from laughing as I am let in. I can hear the chick now, "hey why she can get in and I can't. she's to old for him. It's not fair. what did she say on that note?"

Damien has changed in someway. I can't quite put my finger on it. He knows I've changed. He has full of himself as he ever was but more so. There is something way odd about all of this. Before I got a chance to go back stage I was enraptured by the performance. So was everyone else. way to enraptured. Damien.........something about him. I need to let the others know.

Ormand was there at the show. And he didn't realize that something was odd. We definitely need to check out Damien. He is giving a party. .... a formal party........I'm to be Ormand's date. chuckles.

There was indeed something going on......But Damien seems to be as charming as ever. He wants us to join him. I don't see why not. He seems to be very reasonable.....We leave him with the party goers and head home. After discussing things at home we realize that he had used his powers on us. We are going back to take him out and to prison

After a short battle at the pool house we find Damien in the study. Mystery Man, and the others take him out and we cover him with a blanket. I knock him out and take him to Blackstone Prision.

While we are being shown where he will be at I find that the tunnels are just a wee bit to confining. I probably could stay with the group but they could get narrower if we go on..........No I can't stay. The others go on the tour.....Something in the back of my mind is not sitting well. Something that Dragonfly said............oh well.

Now in retrospect what Dragonfly said earlier..........'do we think we have him or is he making us think we have him' may have been accurate.

Damien, along with several other inmates have escapeed their cells and are running around in the lower levels. He has control of a dozen guards or more. Dragonfly has done some scouting and it seems he has The Kid, somekind of techno mutant, someone called Impact, an italian mobster, maybe a few more. And the Burning man.

We found some doctors still unscathed but on the same level as the burning man who is loose. We are currently hold up with them......hmmmmmmm. the burning man is here but is not on fire.something is going on. Jack has gone out to talk to him.

Whatever was said it didn't take Jack has attacked the Burning man.......Suddenly the entire corridor is full of fire and smoke. Noone could have survived that. I get the doctors behind some cover............Before anyone can say something Marduk opens the door and instantly a backdraft fills the room with fire.......everyone is caught in it.

Jack is dead.......Mystery Man tries to take out the burning man but doesen't succeed. He goes away. We try to take care of the wounded. I do my best in healing all those who need it.

While we are discussing things the elevators sound like they are working and someone is coming. Looks like a guard..........seems wrong...........Sure enough it was one of the european villians......He teleports away before we can do anything. Soon the rest the others from that group are coming......We start fighting them. I take most of them with a scream while the others take out the rest.........good start......

MysteryMan opens a portal to the surface and Dragonfly heads up to see if he can contact the warden.......After a few tense moments he says it is clear and to come up. We get restraints and put them on the villians. We talk about plans and we we know......

Again while we are discussing things we hear the elevators.......instantly the guards are on alert....It seems that the Herald and other guards are here. He says that Damien has poisoned them and if we let him go he will leave the antidote behind......We check. It was a trap......Damien starts a fight.

MandM opens a portal behind Damien and took Marduk with him. Unfortunately the bull deamon and Impact were there as well......Seems Damien can call up and control insects, make people invisible.........what else can he do....Dragonfly seems to think he is not really here....After a few tries I manage to take out Impact.........Then something else happens.

We find that it was all a diverson.........It appears that the Herald, the burning man and the kid along with damien have all escaped.

While we manage to keep the Trash, the bull demon and impact from escaping we did not get Damien. It seems to be a hollow victory.

What is Damien up to? What does he want with a technomutant and the herald and the burning man? What is the significance of his chosen name........Baal? I will have to do some research on that name. Prehaps if we find the mythos behind it we may be able to get a sense of his powers.


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