Monday, March 19, 2007

New Rule - Damage Roll

In our ever present to complicate the game here is the latest variant of the Damage System. Culled Shamelessly from Ars Ludi (the web's premier game theory blog)

Rolling for Damage

When an attacker hits, they roll a d20 and add the damage of their attack (e.g. for a Blast 10 roll a d20 + 10). Compare the result to the target's Toughness:

Toughness +7 = bruise
Toughness +11 = stunned + bruised
Toughness +16 = staggered + stunned
Toughness +21 = unconscious

The attacker is rolling, so of course the attacker can use a Hero Point to re-roll damage.

The defender isn't rolling, so can't spend a Hero Point to re-roll anything. Instead the defender can spend a Hero Point to reduce the result one category (after the attacker has finished re-rolling, etc). So if the attacker gets a Staggered result, the defender can spend a Hero Point and move that up one bracket to Stunned instead.

The rules is the same for PCs, NPCs, everybody. The GM can use GM's Fiat/Villain Points for the NPCs to re-roll damage or reduce damage results as above.

Fast Play

For fast play just write your damage brackets on your character sheet. So a Toughness 8 character would write 15/19/24/29. If you want to spell out "bruise 15/stun 19/stagger 24/unc 29", that's fine too.

When you get hit, the attacker rolls the die, adds the damage rank and says "23 damage." You look at your brackets and see that falls above stunned (second result), but below staggered (the third result), so you're stunned. If you've already taken bruises, just add them to the damage before you look at the numbers. Very easy, very fast.

Here is a table showing everyone's current Damage Chart.


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