Friday, February 09, 2007

Post Episode 22 - Ape-ologue

Rather than play out the meeting with the Mandrills from the end of the last adventure. I think I would like to script a little of that, and move on to the next adventures. So, feel free to post any questions you'd like answered and discuss any plans you might have with this new development. But, barring any glaring concerns we will be moving on, for Episode 23.

SCENE: Banks of the Ubangi River
The Mandrill looked at the team, and its prisoner the Super Mandrill.
Mandrill Trajan: "I am Trajan of New Rome, is this our patriarch Marcus Aurelius?"
Jack Flash: "This is the criminal Marcus Aurelius. One who conspired with the worst of mankind to destroy us all."
Mandrill Trajan: "So it is. Our prophecies told us, he might return one day. I am not a believer in such things, but here he is."
Marduk "What do you want of us. We can't surrender him to you, and you'd do better to reject him, he is a petty villain, nothing more."
Super Mandrill: "Don't listen to their human lies. They mean to enslave you like they did me and countless others like us."
Mandrill Trajan: "We know much of slavery. The human slaves you forced to work in the uranium mines, the apes you doused in radioactive powders or lobotomized to be your compliant slaves. And we need not go into the experiments with the drugs you employed on all of them, as well as our cousins the baboons and mandrills. If you are our Adam, we know of Original Sin."
Super Mandrill: "I did nothing that wasn't done to us. Don't be a fool. Pacifism and Guilt are the tools of subjugation and humiliation. Give me the chance to plead my case, I am sure you will see the light. Surely, you must grant me this...I made you!"
Mandrill Trajan: "You did make us. But we are more than what you made of us. We've evolved. For years our ancestors lives in the tunnels and caves kept isolated by radiation and cave-ins. Somehow, some of them, my parents among them, managed to survive. Perhaps it was the various drugs you gave them to enhance their minds, and repair their bodies. But they survived the bombing, and the aftermath. The mine became the refuge to many primates, and at first there were conflict. No one was sure what to do with ourselves. We had intelligence, we had technology, but we had no purpose. Without our leader, we were adrift. The absurdity of the situation was clear. We knew that among the lies Marcus Aurelius told us, were many truths. That humans would not tolerate us as competitors, or colleagues. So we hid, and chose our wisest to lead us. We also found other primates who moved into the area were affected by the radiation. Many of those also felt the mutagenic effects of the radiation, and soon we have a multispecies society, we lived in peace, and we prospered in our own isolation, eventually we came to laugh at our predicament. We live in peace with the apes, and with some men in the area. We are at peace with all who can laugh."
C4: "You're gonna love me. Stop me if you've heard this one: What's black and white and has sixteen wheels? A capuchin wearing roller skates!"
Mandrill Trajan (Letting out a frightening howl): "A capuchin wearing roller skates? Can you imagine the pandemonium?" (He slaps C4 on the back leaving an impression in the latter's plastic skin.)
Super Mandrill: "Are you serious? You find that funny?"
Mandrill Trajan: "Humor is the apex of evolution, and even surrealist humor is a step."
C4: "How many surrealists does it take to screw in a lightbulb? A fish!"
Mandrill Trajan:(Chuckling) "Yes yes, let us not descend into the maze of lightbulb jokes, we might lose ourselves too long."
Jack Flash: "We want the Super Mandrill to face justice for his crimes, which are many. Will you stop us?"
Mandrill Trajan: "No. But we do ask you consider his unique situation, and his inadvertent creation. Our society is peaceful and just, and when the wall of forest and radiation falls, we hope you are ready for us."
Hephaestus: "You don't want the world to know of you?"
Mandrill Trajan: "I don't think they would get the joke. But I will answer any questions you have, in exchange for your discretion."

Trajan proceed to give the team a brief tour of the complex which was bombed out of recognition. They discover that the depopulation of the area, coupled with a mythology about intelligent apes and monkeys have kept this area very isolated. In the jungles, and now cleared mines, these primates have built a small kingdom.

Feel Free to post further responses or questions..
The various time paradoxes are fair game, but don't expect a single answer there.


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