Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Prelude - James Allen

Jim Allen is a well respected popular scientist specializing in Archeology and the History of Ancient Peoples. He is frequently seen in Cable Television programs about the latest discovery of an artifact or treasure. Allen spends much of his time in travel out in the field. Usually he comes in somewhat after the main work has be done by rank and file archeologists, he then arrives to help publicize the find.
He is happy with this life as a sort of liason between the world of social sciences and the general public. And the role has been quite lucrative for him. He has a penthouse apartment in Uptown Franklin City.
He had just returned to that apartment from a trek to Chile to reveal the newly found ancient city there, the day of the Event. He received an intriguing message from an old colleague Dr. Franz Heimholtz chair of Near Eastern Archeology at Freedom University. Dr. Heimholtz invited Allen down to his lab to study an artifact he brought back with him from Northern Iraq.
Allen got there and worked the crowd of Graduate Students, eventually finding the elusive Dr. Heimholtz in a dark lab studying the strage relic. About the size of a golf ball, this piece of brass, gold and amber might be the ancient Eye Of Ea a Babylonian relic alleged to be the crafted eye of the God Ea made to replace his eye lost to to the goddess Tiamat. They discuss how to verify the find and fund a trek into Kurdistan when the Aged Historian succumbs to fatigue. Allen agrees to wait with the Eye while the doctor recovers.
Shortly thereafter, there is a power failure (see Game Background Stage 1). Allen tries to feel his way in the dark basement lab, and eventually decides to grab the Eye and bring it with him to protect it. Upon touching the Eye, he blasted with pain and a flash of light. He loses consciousness.

When he awakes, it is months later and he is in St. Agnes Hospital apparantly the suffered of short term amnesia. Allen goes along with it for a bit, but begins to suspect that there is something unusual going on. For now he bides his time. A few days later, he is told, he is brought down to the basement for physical therapy. Working on exercise machines hooked up to a laptap, he jogs, lifts weights and performs other standard exercises. The therapists seemed impressed with the numbers, and conduct a quick reflexes test, by throwing a billiard ball at him. He catches the ball crushing it in his hand. He is shocked and confused by this, and stands agape.
Then he sensed something wrong, and turned to see a man creeping up on him with a syringe. He knocks the syringe out of his hand, hearing the snapping of bones, and the scream of the man. After a brief chase, he confronts the other therapists.
One, an attractive woman, admits that they've been drugging him, to induce the amnesia, and keep him off his balance. In addition they showed him the data from his exercise trials. He was jogging over 10mph, and bench pressing over 1200lbs. Something had changed. He tested his own toughness by punching through the dry wall and feeling nothing.
He plotted an escape with the help of one of the therapists. But before that, he was tested again, for resilliancy. Pretending to be under the effects of Rohypnol (Roofies), he waited for the test. During the tests, the Doctors tried to use a drill press on his chest. Amazingly, the drill bit broke before causing anything more than a tickle. On his way out, his Therapist friend (Lt. Acorn?) took his gurney and maneuvered down a unused hallway. She pressed a business card into his hand with a code written on it, then launched him at high speed through a window. He fell a story and landed on a roof top. Unhurt, but half naked, Allen sped across the dilapidated mental hospital, and escaped into the Carolinian country-side.
After stopping and examining his own hospital wrist band he saw a code similar to that on the back of the card. Perhaps, it was the code of another patient. Allen decided he had to return to the hospital and see about this mystery.


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