Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Episode 10: Planet Hollywood of the Apes

Opening. Torrent, hoping to get a day away from the trials of being a superhero and protecting her secret identity from the Chinese Mafia takes a break to attend Oktoberfest in Freedom Park. While there she witnesses the blackout, caused in part, by the power station shutting down (see Episode 9). Even before then, the crowd seemed a little more rowdy than usual, probably due to the large quantities of free beer distributed at the party.
Meanwhile the Team rushes to Franklin General Hospital aboard the Osprey to get Ashley Morganthaal to the hospital. Steel Dragon lands the plan expertly on the helipad and Jack Flash escorts his lady-love to the emergency room.
The rest of the team high-tails it to the Park to help quell the growing riots there. JackFlash runs there as well once he is confident Ashley is being taking care of. The tam splits up: Maduk and Torrent tackling the problem of rioters at the Beer Garden, Jack Flash dealing with rioters outside of Planet Hollywood, and Steel Dragon checking out Planet Hollywood for the source of all this chaos.
Torrent summons a rain storm which dampens the energies of the rioters, and Marduk deals with the most aggressive of them in the beer garden. Jack Flash makes quick work of the dozens of rioters outside Planet Hollywood, and notices a Hummer Limo pull up and disgorge the SUper Mandrill and his CyberApe body guards. He focuses his attacks on the Super Mandrill, leaving he Cyber Apes to Marduk and Torrent who arrive shortly.
Super Mandrilll enters the building and is harried by Jack Flash and Steel Dragon, clearly not anticipating that the Team would be there in full force so early, he warned them of a bomb somewhere in the building. Jack Flash headed off to search for the Bomb and the rest of the team made pretty quick work of the Super Mandrill. When Torrent tried to short circuit the Super Mandrill's Lightning Field, it zapped the monkey, and he started to die. In Heroic form, Marduk resuscitated the Super Mandrill giving him time to warn of a plan in the works, before he invoked a nauseating teleport device and disappearing.
Meanwhile Jack Flash found the bom and took Steel Dragon to disarm it. Steel Dragon examined the bomb carefully and determined it was a fake. Jack Flash threw it in the river, just in case, and that was the end of that.
The hordes of people gathered near Planet Hollywood eventually drifted away or were dispersed by the police. The team left the scene wondering what long range plan SuperMandrill had in store for them.


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