Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Episode 12: Stormy Weather

Heavy rains and winds batter Freedom City and darkness falls.
En route home from their trip Jack and Ashley endure a bumpy landing. Jack thinks he noticed some kind of creature on the wing of the jet, but when he got another look, it was gone.
At the Academy, C4 and Marduk fight a strange demonic foe, but after being pummeled by Marduk, the creature seemed to turn to dust.

After the landing, Jack and Ashley encountered an apparent car-theft in progress. Jack confidently went to take care of it, and discovered the thief was no normal thief but a super villain. A fight ensued and the Metallic foe put up a good fight against Jack. Somehow this caused a transformation in Ashley, she took on a reptilian appearance and struck several blows at the villain. The two heroes were able to take out the villain, and Tiamat landed a lethal blow. Jack summoned the police and Immortals, as well as an ambulance which took the wounded villain to the hospital.

The team returned to the Academy, made introductions, and compared notes. C4 came to the conclusion that the metallic villain might be part of the team that attacked Fort Knox, and the team worried that the other team might try to rescue him from the hospital before he was transferred to Blackstone Isle. They rushed to the site, and after some confusion over where he was, they figured out that the villain team had used some kind of illusions to deceive hospital staff, the SPU and the Immortals. But, the team was able to uncover the truth, and a fight ensued. With their recently lowered numbers the Immortals were facing four super villains and the fight was long and frustrating. They did learn the names of the Villains.
  • Brainstorm - the leader - a supremely confident villain with powers of illusion and mind control. His illusions were powerful enough to prevent most attacks from ever hitting him. But he was eventually hit a couple of times.
  • Thunder - the brick - the tall woman able to knock Marduk a hundred feet away off the top of the building to a neighboring one. She is tough and agile, but after being knocked off the building herself, she appeared to be out of the fight.
  • Lightning - the energy projector - lithe agile martial artist and conductor of electricity. His body rippled with electric current making him a dangerous foe to fight in melee. His ability to teleport makes him doubly difficult. He also seemed to possess some healing ability as well.
  • Tornado - wind controller - her domination of winds grants her flight and the power to form whirlwinds around herself and elsewhere. Her lack of precision made her less of an asset in this fight, although it was her wind control that eventually enabled the team to escape.
  • Metalstorm - the master of metal. A man covered in razor sharp shards of steel. Able to fling them off at high velocity and cut through flesh and steel alike. He also possesses some power over metal itself, being able to telekinetically grasp a car and drop it on Jack Flash. Metalstorm was severally injured by Tiamat, so was mostly just a prop in the fight on the roof top.
The Immortals, down one person, held their own against the villain team, also down one person. It remains to be seen how they will meet again, but rest assured they will meet again.


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I don't know if any of the original Amateurs read this blog. Maybe Amanda, but this group is a rehash of the Storm Troopers from my old Hero Campaign, although Tornado is a new one.

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