Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Episode 22: Heart of Darkness (Ape-ocalypse Now)

The Immortals find themselves going down the Uele River from Uganda to the Congo. They come upon a deserted town at the meeting with the Ubangi river. Evidence points to a forced march out of the town. Then sneak up the Ubangi towards the compound of the Super Mandrill. They scout ahead and find a major mining and smelting operation. The central point of the base is a massive 60ft tall sculpture of a mandrill carved into the face of the cliff. They have to decide between stealth and a direct attack, they choose an all out assault. C4 starts a distraction using the booby-traps on one side of the camp, Hepheastus does a fly over to take out their communications and other electronics, Marduk and Jack Flash lead the frontal assault.
The battle is begun. The Super Mandrill's Gorilla Guerillas take up defensive positions. One group holds some captive slaves at gun point, and after being attacked, they fire on the helpless laborers. C4 interposes his body and selflessly sucks up several hits. Jack Flash pelts the group with machine gun stones.
Meanwhile Marduk has taken care of the towers, and Hephaestus destroyed their cliff top radio and radar systems. Marduk and Jack Flash lead the liberated slaves away from the camp while C4 and Hephaestus keep pressing the fight into the mine and cliff-side systems. A door in the cliff opens and reveals the glowing form of a half dozen radioactive dust coated, gas mask wearing gorillas, the Atomic Apes. With every punch or kick, a cloud of glowing uranium dust flies into the air, weakening and sickening the unprotected around them.
Together the team defeats the Atomic Apes with a combination of attacks and distractions. Then, as things are looking up and the team looks to move into the mine itself, the very walls shake as the carved image of the mandrill seems to rumble to life. The Massive Mandrill Machine is an enormous tank-like thing with huge fifty foot long treads, armored plating, capped by the torso, arms and head of a sinister simian. It demonstrates its power by breathing a beam of fiery radiation on the team, stunning, or staggering everyone in its path.
Its hide is inches thick armor plating, its multiple engines make it incredibly strong, its weapons are horrible in scope. The team gangs up on the colossus but fails to have a big impact on the titanic robot. The Super Mandrill, piloting the machine cackles taunts and promises to destroy the team.
Then the team changes tactics and focuses on getting inside the machine through alternative means. C4 exhausts himself but slips into the exhaust system. Hephaestus and Jack Flash work together to remove a massive treelike limb, and Jack scrambles inside the gaping hole where the arm was once attached. Marduk continues to make himself a target and slice away at the armor plates on the torso. Eventually C4 reached the end of the exhaust system and using all his might, he exploded into the machine. The blast disrupts one of the machine's engines and gets C4 deep in its bowels. Jack Flash discovers the Super Mandrill's escape pod rocket engine, and manages to deactivate its ignition. As the fight begins to come to a head, C4 attaches himself to what appear essential engines in the vessel, and using a loose wire he ignites his entire body. The ensuing explosion rocks the colossal machine and causes fires to erupt from all gaps. Seconds later, Marduk finally cuts his way into the hull and finds the remains of C4 splattered about the engine-room.
Jack Flash narrows avoids being sprayed by rocket fuel as the Super Mandrill attempts an escape, but with no ignition, the fuel simple sprays out the rocket's cone. The fuel pools in the hull separated from the growing blaze by only one quickly heating bulkhead. He quickly exits the torso and rushes to help Marduk collect the remains of C4. Hephaestus is able to capture the escaping Super Mandrill with his own creation's massive claw. The team moves to safety and the Massive Mandrill Machine explodes with an enormous mushroom cloud of radioactive dust and fire.
The team moves to safety, C4 recovers consciousness, and the team calls in an air strike to demolish the remains of the complex. The American Bombers begin to arrive just as the team crosses their fingers and activates the Time Gate.

They appear in the exact same place.. but it has aged. The great road is overgrown with jungle, there is no smoke in the air. But, as they begin to assure themselves that they are back in their time, another Mandrill appears on the edge of the jungle. It approaches cautiously, and tells the captive SuperMandrill that he looks familiar.


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