Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Episode 21: Lead Zeppelin

The team is en route to the Congo aboard the Graf Zeppelin II.
Jack, impersonating the Russian Rocket Scientist (how hard can that be, its not Brain Surgery) successfully bluffs his way through dinner. He discovers that aboard the vessel is Danish Physicist Neils Bohr.
Meanwhile C4 explores the cargo hold and finds a number of tanks containing a strange gaseous substance containing Lead Oxide. He plays with it, but lacking a normal human physiology, he is unable to ascertain its qualitative properties. He takes a sample and brings it to Hephaestus to study.
Marduk, playing the role of bodyguard is left in the kitchen to wait for dinner to be over. He encounters a sexy stewardess and finds that share the English language. She invites him to the aft of the ship to "talk." She eventually explains that she is with the OSS and seems to assume that Marduk is with some other even more covert group, though Marduk tries to explain that he is a civilian. She warns him that the Warden suit, stowed in the hold, will be stolen by the Nazis if it is not moved.
C4 goes to grab the Warden suit from the hold and he brings it to the Air Staging area for the Airship's fighter escorts. Seeing some mechanics working on a plane, he stuffs the suit into a locker. Shirley (the agent) shows up and they talk. She explains how she discovered a plot to drop hundred of canisters of the toxic gas on Leopoldville killing tens of thousands, no discrimination between innocent and guilty.
Meanwhile, the dinner is over, but the team finds itself under arrest. They are taking to be interrogated, but Jack quickly disables the guards and gestapo agents. The team breaks out and starts to head for the fighter deck. They split up:
Jack Flash will track down the half written rocket plans written up by Hephaestus.
Marduk will rescue Neils Bohr
Hephaestus will get to the fighter deck. He doesn't know the way, and without his suit is no match for the highly trained soldiers. So C4 heads out to escort him to the deck.
Each team member accomplishes his goal with alacrity, but alas, Shirley has taken one of the fighters and fled the airship with the Warden Suit. Marduk andc4 head off to retrieve the suit. Jack and Hephaestus (and Dr. Bohr)try to figure out how to stop the Zeppelin from carrying out its mission. They concoct and plan. Working together they make they way inside the great structure and release hundreds of gallons of Helium (they hope) into the rest of the ship. They are safe using air masks they took from the fighter planes. The quantities are enough to render most of the crew unconscious, and Jack is easily able to deal with the rest. In a matter of minutes, the crew is disarmed, and either tied up or locked up. Bohr and Hephaestus quickly figure out how to fly the Zeppelin and they agree to pilot it to the nearest Allied base. En route, they neutralize the toxin, and dispose of the cannisters.
Marduk and C4 have a hair raising time tracking down the double or triple agent, but eventually they climb aboard her plane, and render her unconscious. Flying back with the suit, they rendezvous with the Zeppelin and successfully crash land the plane inside.
Hours later, its weapons disarmed, the toxins safely disposed of, the Immortals bring their prize to Kampala Uganda and surrender to a squadron of British Spitfires.
After hours of interrogation, Shirldy Hendricks, an agent of "Marcus Aurelius" gives them the coordinates of the sinister leader's secret headquarters. The team begins plans for getting to the site (near Lake Tele on the Ubangi river, in what is now the Central African Republic) and bring Super Mandrill to justice.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We'll know better next time someone tries to ram their tongue down Marduk's mouth. We missed it this time, but now we know it's a clear sign that something is amiss.

You won't fool us a second time, Steve.


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