Friday, November 17, 2006

Episode 13: Nor a Drop to Drink

The team has been practicing at the academy, learning more about their abilities and trying to figure out how to get Ashley (Tiamat) to transform at will, it is slow going. The rain has been relentless, a low pressure zone is sitting on Franklin City, not moving.
The team gets a visit from Detective Mike Killian from the Special Perpetrators Unit of the Franklin Police Department. He asked them about Torrent and her whereabouts. The team expresses their ignorance and concern. He suggests that she is a suspect in the Tarot Murders of gang members in China Town.
After he leaves the team agrees to search for her. First they visit her family, and get a pretty cold reception there. C4 surprises a policeman staking out the area, and engages him in some conversation.
The team checks out the scene of the crime, and finds some drug residue.
The team decides to track her down assuming the strange weather is a result of her powers. They get a high quality barometer and Jack Flash takes it from place to place until they are able to find the center of the low pressure zone. This leads them to a flooded farmhouse out on the bay. They spy a couple of black SUVs and several armored men approaching the house. Jack Flash speaks with one of them at the SUVs and discovers that he is with Homeland Security and that they have a warrant for Torrent's arrest. Under the PATRIOT act, they need virtually no evidence or even a crime to accuse her of in order to do so. The teams stands by idly warning the agents of the danger of attacking her.
Their predictions come true when the agents wade across the shallow water to the house, and a massive wave knocks the men down apparently knocking several out. The team rushes into the rescue. Shortly thereafter, RPGs launch from the woods and set the house ablaze. The team does its best to rescue the fallen agents, and try to reach Torrent. She seems more angry than afraid or contrite. C4 bid her escape, and meet up with them. She bade them take Ormand's sailboat out, and she would find them.
During the rescue Marduk gets targeted by agents in the woods, whether intentionally or not, and attacked by a weapon that seemed to attach a strange glowing cord to his chest. He struggled to remove it, and then another hit him in the head. With two cables attached, there was a more intense glow and he felt a sapping sensation. When he tried to snap the cables he was unable. The cables then retracted back to the woods pulling him along. Drained of his powers, he was fairly helpless to the agents attention. They reeled him in, and when he was able to summon his armor, they stunned him with a power taser. The agents put him on their unmarked helicopter.
Meanwhile the rest of the team was attending the dead and wounded and assumed the helicopters were medical evac's but the helicopters passed them by, picked up Marduk and the other agents and flew off into the clouds.
When the checked the dead body of a fallen agent, they found a Tarot Card tucked into his armor with a 5 of Swords.
As they surveyed the area, they came to realize that another teammate was missing Tiamat.
Down to two teammates, one in a helicopter manned by unknown agents, the other lost to the waves? They did not know.


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