Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Episode 15: Slippery When Wet

Sailors aboard the USS North Carolina on its shakedown cruise encounter Torrent and a giant octopus deep in the Event Rift trying to investigate the silence from a scientific research platform there. The Seals are picked off in the water, then the mini-sub (ASDV), finally the CO of the NOrth Carolina tried to distract the octopus with the submarine. He succeeded, only too well. The Kraken turned on the Submarine, covered its jet intakes and brought the sub down.
The scene fades as the sub sinks deeper into the rift.

The Immortals are met by agents Warren and O'Neil of Homeland Security about Torrent. The feds offer the Immortals an opportunity to bring in their former member on their own, after that the Feds will do it their way (with extreme prejudice).
The team heads out on the Queen Anne's Grace (Ormand's yacht) and is met out in the bay by Torrent and Tiamat (riding a shark). The two supers explain that a Kraken attacked the submarine, and that they had befriended the crew of the science station. They threatened to defend themselves if necessary. The Immortals try to convince their wayward friends to come in, but they counter that there is nothing but incarceration waiting for them on land. The debates ends with a sense of hostility and the two groups part.
The Immortals discuss the situation and realize that they needed to check on the science crew, since they might not be there of their free wills. So they got a mini-sub from the Coast Guard and headed down. They were met half way by Tiamat in reptile form and she disabled the sub. They proceeded anyway and when they got to the Platform there was a fight.
Tiamat has appeared to come into her own with her powers and demonstrated considerable power. She fought Marduk and Gypsy while Jack Flash and C4 infiltrated the sea base. Gypsy used her illusion powers to make the base appear to spring a leak and this distracted Tiamat as she summoned a monstrous Kraken to hold the base together. Marduk was faced with an opportunity to attack her, but held back afraid he might kill her in her human form.
Tiamat was able to turn the tables and making a series of attacks in Reptile and Dragon form she defeated Marduk.
Meanwhile on the base, C4 and Jack Flash met a strange half octopus woman and though unable to speak, using a white board she communicated her loyalty to Tiamat and general despair about returning to the surface.
Tiamat offered the group a chance to leave with Marduk, and grudgingly they took it. She told them not to return.
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