Thursday, May 31, 2007

Redirect Update

I was looking up something else, and came across this in the Mutants and Masterminds Official Answers Forum:
Redirect Action

So, despite being listed as a Reaction, the Redirect Feat actually does require some planning.
Round 1. You make a bluff attempt against an opponent to redirect her attack if she attacks you. This is normally a standard action (but for -5 you can make it as a move action).
Round 2. If in fact, she does attack you, AND misses, AND you succeeded in Bluffing her (your Bluff exceeded her Sense Motive) you get to decide who she attacks with the attack.

So this is somewhat more limited then we played it last time. However I noted another tidbit (ironically from a question I posted over a year ago).


So, in effect you can make the person attack herself! Sort of a Judo-style defense.

And if you have Acrobatic Bluff, you can substitute Acrobatics for Bluff.
(I will also allow a person with Acrobatic Bluff to substitute Acrobatics for Sense Motive when resisting a redirect).


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