Wednesday, December 13, 2006

New Damage Roll Rule

I am contemplating a new damage roll rule. Instead of the somewhat complex system of math on your end,
Ranks + 5 + Die Roll
I am considering altering it on my end. So your roll will simply be:
Ranks + Die Roll
I will then calculate the saving throw for the victim of your attack myself. So you if your total is Rank 10 + Roll 10 = 20
If they get a save of 25 or better, they are unaffected.
If they get a save of 21-24, they are bruised.
If they get a save of 16-20, they are stunned.
If they get a save of 11-15, they are staggered and stunned.
If they get a save below 10, they are KO'd.

The numbers work out the same. But this might make it easier for you to not need to worry so much about the math during the heat of combat (you would still need to calculate power attacks and critical hits).
I don't think the math totals are different, just the means of calculation. Let me know if you would rather do the rolling.

This change should have no effect on character utility.


Blogger Thoththegrey said...

So, you're just adding the five on your end instead of us?

5:05 AM  

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