Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Episode 20: Tanks, but no Tanks

The Immortals awaken to find an entire Battalion of Nazi Tanks and Infantry bearing down on them. Undaunted, in fact, a little giddy at the prospect of unleashing their superhuman might on the force they race to meet them. The British company turns around and attempts to retreat.
The Immortals initial excitement is quashed when a barrage of artillery fire stuns half the team. Then Tank fire knocks Hephaestus from the air. Tactics and techniques that sent many a super villain or robot horde scurrying seem to have little affect on the massively armored tanks and their well trained support, trained to stay out of danger and snipe at targets of opportunity. Still the team presses on. Jack Flash manages to avoid any hits but finds his attempts to raid a volley of blows on the platoons of infantry also less effective than he hoped. C4, Marduk and Hephaestus find their own attacks only minimally effective against the constantly moving and supportive troops. Each time they try to focus on a target another intervenes sending them running from the massive guns.
Eventually the three immortals set their sights on destroying a single unit of the Nazis powerful Tiger tanks. Combining their attacks they rain one attack after another. Eventually the Tigers begin to weaken. Meanwhile the other German companies begin to give chase to the British so C4 diverts his attention from the Tigers and moves to hamper the movement of the other Tank Companies. Using his hands like giant shovels, and mimicking the appearance of one cartoon animal after another he quick litters the battlefield with a variety of pitfalls, sand traps and other hazards which slow the pursuit to a crawl.
After considerable fighting, in which the heroes begin to feel as beaten as the troops, the Immortals finally destroy the platoon of Tigers they were concentrating on, and quickly the battle turns to their favor. In less than a minute a Panzer platoon goes down, and one shaken infantry unit after another. Still, there were full companies to deal with.
Thankfully, out from behind the line of tanks, the British appear having circled around the German tank companies who were mired in C4's trap. With high morale from the assistance of the Immortals the British manage to take out an entire company of Tanks and Infantry with only minor losses.
The German troops in disarray, they tried to make an escape, but the Immortals and British forces quickly finished off the remaining units. They collected prisoners, and destroyed the hulks of the tanks in the mid-day sun. Then both groups made quickly for the coast where the British had a secret cave base. General Montgomery assumed, not irrationally, that the immortals were some kind of OSS project, and promised to keep them secret.
The group interrogated the Tank Commander, Major Hofstadter, and discovered several things.
1. There were rumors of coordinated ape attacks on resistance fighters in the Congo.
2. The advanced technology used by the Germans was provided, in part, by La Flec.

The team, with the help of a British spy took on the identity of a Soviet Rocket scientist and his entourage and with forged papers managed to get on the Graf Zeppelin II en route to Leopoldville (in the Congo). C4 is in the special cargo hold with the Warden Power Suit, and the rest of the team is enjoying luxury accommodations in the Zeppelin. Just as they finished disabling a low tech listening device in their stateroom, an envelop is slid under the door inviting Radjenko (Jack Flashes false ID) to dinner at the Captain's table.


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