Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Episode 16 : Friendly Fire

The team gets a brief reprieve from worrying over the Torrent/Tiamat situation to watch the comedy stylings of C4 at the HaHa Hut, a local comedy club. He is a big hit, and playing off his superhero powers, he lets them laugh at their problems.
Their reprieve is short lived however, as they are invited to supervise the transfer of half a dozen super-powered prisoners to Blackstone Isle from St. Agnes Hospital. They arrived and learned the identities of the transferees:
  1. The Herald
  2. Tusk
  3. Beau Rubino
  4. Impact
  5. Burning Man
  6. Bull Demon
Half of these were sedated for their journeys, Gypsy was able to confirm this using her telepathy. The agents seems nervous but confident. The journey never even begun. Just as the prisoners were loaded on to their specially made vehicles, one of the BoP agents fell unconscious. Then the truck holding the alleged sedated Tusk burst open, his namesake tusks ripping through the steel walls of his mobile prison. The Immortals leaped on the villains and in moments had him prone and unconscious, or so they thought. For somehow, the mind of Marduk was pulled into Tusk's body, he was returned to consciousness and tried to explain his situation. Meanwhile, 'Marduk' used this opportunity to free "Burning Man"in seconds the entire area was a major conflagration, flames reached high into the night. The Immortals spent the next few moments rescuing the various agents, drivers and villains trapped in the flames, as the Burning Man began to move away from the scene slowly. Marduk eventually recovered his body, only to find himself ablaze. Only the armored Hephaestus could spot the man on his radar, the rest of the team relied on cunning and sheer luck. Together they managed to rescue all of the agents and villains, and bring the Burning Man down. He was eventually KO'd but still ablaze.
Unsure how to proceed, Hephaestus grabbed the body of the Burning Man, and with C4 helping keep him wet (C4 had stored up a vast quantity of water earlier), they traveled for the bay. Sadly, the heat was too much C4 who dropped off and parachuted to safety, and even for the Invincible Armored Hephaestus who was close to passing out. Then a small icon appeared on the suits HUD and offered him the chance to Override Control Mechanism, not knowing exactly what he was doing, he found himself being offered several options before passing out, he instructed his suit to ditch in the bay with its passengers. Then he passed out.
For miles away the mushroom cloud of steam could be seen erupting from the shored of Blount Bay. When Jack Flash showed up, he was in sea of steamy fog unable to spot the burning man, but seeing Hephaestus, or at least the Warden armor standing upright and rigid, inside William was unconscious, but alive.
A few moments later the sea disgorged the still steaming Burning Man, and a cell of water soon surrounded him. This was confirmed to be the work of Torrent who had apparently rescued the Burning Man. She offered her help again, if their needs intersected with her territory, but she made no apologies and offered no explanations. She parted without a word.
Good Team Work.
Retroactive Hero Point for C4 (for roleplaying the comedy club, and water idea).
Retroactive Hero Point for Jack Flash (for being denied the chance to multi-stabilize (see below)
Every one received 1PP.


Blogger Scholz said...

Game Note: In retrospect, I should have allowed Jack Flash to affect several simultaneous "Stabilizations" because that really could be something as simple as bandaging a wound, or the like and can be done on unconscious people. And when we made the character, I suggested that Quickness would permit such things. And it would have been cool and heroic. So, sorry about that.

As a clarification, you could not do multiple "revives" where you restore someone unconscious to consciousness, because that does require waiting for them wake up, and requires a full round from both parties.

5:03 PM  
Blogger Scholz said...

Further Clarification: Upon rereading the medicine skill. You can use Quickness on reviving attempts, since you can take 20 on those.
Technically, you can't take twenty on stabilization, but I will house rule this in Jack's case for the reasons above.
FYI: You can revise people from Stun. That is a new one for me.

7:34 PM  
Blogger Thoththegrey said...

You have me a point for the fire house idea. I appreciate the point for the comedy club, though. C4's hoping his status as a super-hero takes him into the big time.

Just like Michael Jordan and baseball. Yep.

4:54 AM  

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