Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Episode 17 : Toys Gone Wild!

The Immortals have been recuperating from the tough battle against the Burning Man, and the strange foe who leaped from mind to mind controlling them. Reports from the BoP suggest that all of the prisoners were later transferred successfully except Tusk who appears to have escaped into the forests of North Carolina.
Marduk took to opportunity to lend a hand in the search and rescue of mountain climbers in Oregon.
Gypsy disappeared, claiming she needed to retrieve some goods she inherited from her aunt.
C4 spent some time building himself a lab to experiment on his strange new body.
Hephaestus moved his stuff into the Academy and took over the lab vacated by Steel Dragon.
Jack Flash volunteered at the Teach School in Bath, and other elementary schools in the county encouraging health and fitness among young people. The press, normally a bit sensationalistic about the Immortals (and all Supers), have begun to accept them and treat them as a fixture in Franklin.

The Immortals reprieve was interrupted by a late breaking story, the grand opening of the new big box toy and electronic store "Toys or Else!" was marred by some kind of violence that begun shortly into a contest to win a PS3. Police cordoned off the scene, and when the Immortals (minus Marduk and Gypsy) arrived, they found out that the toys and electronics inside the store seemed to come alive, all this despite the police cutting power to the store. Inside two dozen people were held hostage, or otherwise unable to escape. The police attempted to send in an APC but it was stopped in its tracks 50ft from the door.
The Immortals appraoched and found themselves assaulted by the noise and flashing lights of every speaker, every monitor, every television screaming and flashing. They regrouped and gathered the some goggles and ear plugs to entered the building. Quickly they worked to rescue the group of staff and children.
The team faced animated toys: robot bears, miniature robotic soldiers, and a snake comprised of coaxial cables. They were able to deal with them fairly well, although Hephaestus struggled with the snake. Meanwhile Jack Flash took care of the noise and discovered what appears to be a robot comprised of dozens of machines and parts smashed together.
The giant robot rose and joined the fight launching blasts of electricity, and trying to take over the systems of the Hephaestus armor. Soon it was just the team versus the villain which they learned was really some supervillain encased in a ramshackle armor. But, this did not last long as the villain gained control of the Hephaestus armor and set it to attack C4. Now two on two, the fight looked more grim.
Thompson struggled to deal with this uninvited take-over and eventually abandoned the suit cutting its power. As he did he noticed a thin fibre-optic wire connecting his leg to the suit. Meanwhile C4 and Jack Flash set about fighting the armored foe. Using a combination of attacks, they were able to get it to stagger back into the building and reform its ablative armor. C4 used that opportunity to send tendrils deep into the ramshackle armor and touch the flesh of the teen villain inside. Then feeling flesh he exploded his finger tips knocking out and disabling the foe. The armor fell apart like so much junk, the power was cut to the rest of the store, and inside the pile of junk was the dying body of the young teen. Jack quickly stabilized the boy and summoned the paramedics. The team surveyed the damaged store. In one corner near where Jack first encountered the armor, they spied some graffiti blasted into the cinder-block walls: "Deus X."
Reports from store manager say the teen, one Donnie Morris a champion video game player, was angry at being disqualified from the contest to win the PS3 because only his console seemed to work properly during the trials. Morris was reported as being in stable condition at the Blackstone Infirmary, but still unconscious at the latest word.
Good teamwork, good roleplaying. 1 pp each.


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