Wednesday, March 08, 2006

NC GAME DAY April 22

I have volunteered to run an M&M game at NC Gameday X this year. They haven't put it up there, yet, but here is the site. Check it out.
If you are a local gamer and interested.. feel free to register. If you participated in the playtest of Dr. Null the Battle on the Bridge, you are welcome to try again, though things might be a little different.

Here is the link
NC Gameday X

Friday, March 03, 2006

Team Work

Why are the PCs part of a team?
They almost inevitably a team, but why?
1. They are collected by a leader (who is a PC)
2. They are collected by an organization (Gov't, Private foundation)
3. They are brought together by circumstances.
(a) They are on the run, hunted, illegal, etc..
(b) They are fighting a common enemy
(c) They are just together when needed
(d) They got their powers together
4. They found the group themselves from a perceived advantage.

Is one reason preferrable to another?
I am not sure. They each have their advantages. Some lend themselves to plot devices better (2 in particular).
I think 4 often makes the most sense, but it is usually 'forced' on the PCs since they are 'THE' PCs and don't really have a choice with whom they will play.
3. Can be good, but it makes it difficult to add players who have the same connection, and it may force the game into a mold where there are limited adventures. 1. Can be good, but when there is a team leader, it is essential that the Player too be a leader. And that can be cause problems.