Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Episode 21: Lead Zeppelin

The team is en route to the Congo aboard the Graf Zeppelin II.
Jack, impersonating the Russian Rocket Scientist (how hard can that be, its not Brain Surgery) successfully bluffs his way through dinner. He discovers that aboard the vessel is Danish Physicist Neils Bohr.
Meanwhile C4 explores the cargo hold and finds a number of tanks containing a strange gaseous substance containing Lead Oxide. He plays with it, but lacking a normal human physiology, he is unable to ascertain its qualitative properties. He takes a sample and brings it to Hephaestus to study.
Marduk, playing the role of bodyguard is left in the kitchen to wait for dinner to be over. He encounters a sexy stewardess and finds that share the English language. She invites him to the aft of the ship to "talk." She eventually explains that she is with the OSS and seems to assume that Marduk is with some other even more covert group, though Marduk tries to explain that he is a civilian. She warns him that the Warden suit, stowed in the hold, will be stolen by the Nazis if it is not moved.
C4 goes to grab the Warden suit from the hold and he brings it to the Air Staging area for the Airship's fighter escorts. Seeing some mechanics working on a plane, he stuffs the suit into a locker. Shirley (the agent) shows up and they talk. She explains how she discovered a plot to drop hundred of canisters of the toxic gas on Leopoldville killing tens of thousands, no discrimination between innocent and guilty.
Meanwhile, the dinner is over, but the team finds itself under arrest. They are taking to be interrogated, but Jack quickly disables the guards and gestapo agents. The team breaks out and starts to head for the fighter deck. They split up:
Jack Flash will track down the half written rocket plans written up by Hephaestus.
Marduk will rescue Neils Bohr
Hephaestus will get to the fighter deck. He doesn't know the way, and without his suit is no match for the highly trained soldiers. So C4 heads out to escort him to the deck.
Each team member accomplishes his goal with alacrity, but alas, Shirley has taken one of the fighters and fled the airship with the Warden Suit. Marduk andc4 head off to retrieve the suit. Jack and Hephaestus (and Dr. Bohr)try to figure out how to stop the Zeppelin from carrying out its mission. They concoct and plan. Working together they make they way inside the great structure and release hundreds of gallons of Helium (they hope) into the rest of the ship. They are safe using air masks they took from the fighter planes. The quantities are enough to render most of the crew unconscious, and Jack is easily able to deal with the rest. In a matter of minutes, the crew is disarmed, and either tied up or locked up. Bohr and Hephaestus quickly figure out how to fly the Zeppelin and they agree to pilot it to the nearest Allied base. En route, they neutralize the toxin, and dispose of the cannisters.
Marduk and C4 have a hair raising time tracking down the double or triple agent, but eventually they climb aboard her plane, and render her unconscious. Flying back with the suit, they rendezvous with the Zeppelin and successfully crash land the plane inside.
Hours later, its weapons disarmed, the toxins safely disposed of, the Immortals bring their prize to Kampala Uganda and surrender to a squadron of British Spitfires.
After hours of interrogation, Shirldy Hendricks, an agent of "Marcus Aurelius" gives them the coordinates of the sinister leader's secret headquarters. The team begins plans for getting to the site (near Lake Tele on the Ubangi river, in what is now the Central African Republic) and bring Super Mandrill to justice.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Episode 20: Tanks, but no Tanks

The Immortals awaken to find an entire Battalion of Nazi Tanks and Infantry bearing down on them. Undaunted, in fact, a little giddy at the prospect of unleashing their superhuman might on the force they race to meet them. The British company turns around and attempts to retreat.
The Immortals initial excitement is quashed when a barrage of artillery fire stuns half the team. Then Tank fire knocks Hephaestus from the air. Tactics and techniques that sent many a super villain or robot horde scurrying seem to have little affect on the massively armored tanks and their well trained support, trained to stay out of danger and snipe at targets of opportunity. Still the team presses on. Jack Flash manages to avoid any hits but finds his attempts to raid a volley of blows on the platoons of infantry also less effective than he hoped. C4, Marduk and Hephaestus find their own attacks only minimally effective against the constantly moving and supportive troops. Each time they try to focus on a target another intervenes sending them running from the massive guns.
Eventually the three immortals set their sights on destroying a single unit of the Nazis powerful Tiger tanks. Combining their attacks they rain one attack after another. Eventually the Tigers begin to weaken. Meanwhile the other German companies begin to give chase to the British so C4 diverts his attention from the Tigers and moves to hamper the movement of the other Tank Companies. Using his hands like giant shovels, and mimicking the appearance of one cartoon animal after another he quick litters the battlefield with a variety of pitfalls, sand traps and other hazards which slow the pursuit to a crawl.
After considerable fighting, in which the heroes begin to feel as beaten as the troops, the Immortals finally destroy the platoon of Tigers they were concentrating on, and quickly the battle turns to their favor. In less than a minute a Panzer platoon goes down, and one shaken infantry unit after another. Still, there were full companies to deal with.
Thankfully, out from behind the line of tanks, the British appear having circled around the German tank companies who were mired in C4's trap. With high morale from the assistance of the Immortals the British manage to take out an entire company of Tanks and Infantry with only minor losses.
The German troops in disarray, they tried to make an escape, but the Immortals and British forces quickly finished off the remaining units. They collected prisoners, and destroyed the hulks of the tanks in the mid-day sun. Then both groups made quickly for the coast where the British had a secret cave base. General Montgomery assumed, not irrationally, that the immortals were some kind of OSS project, and promised to keep them secret.
The group interrogated the Tank Commander, Major Hofstadter, and discovered several things.
1. There were rumors of coordinated ape attacks on resistance fighters in the Congo.
2. The advanced technology used by the Germans was provided, in part, by La Flec.

The team, with the help of a British spy took on the identity of a Soviet Rocket scientist and his entourage and with forged papers managed to get on the Graf Zeppelin II en route to Leopoldville (in the Congo). C4 is in the special cargo hold with the Warden Power Suit, and the rest of the team is enjoying luxury accommodations in the Zeppelin. Just as they finished disabling a low tech listening device in their stateroom, an envelop is slid under the door inviting Radjenko (Jack Flashes false ID) to dinner at the Captain's table.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Episode 19 - Back for the Future

Marduk returns from filming in Alaska and views several sleek jets descend from the sky and pace his plane before blasting off and disappearing in a clap of red lightning. The jets sported red swastikas on their wings.
The team assembles to deal with the current crisis.
They contact the DHS to check on the unusual phenomena only to find out that something is happening right now. Jack Flash rushes to the scene, the TRW HQ in Franklin, to check it out. He encounters two security guards KO'd by what they describe as half man half robot. They also describe a strange light down in the parking garage. Jack Flash explores and finds the strange light. He summons the team to join him.
When they arrive, they find a figure coming down the elevator and confront him with immediate action. C4 confuses him by covering the elevator doors with his body. He discovers the cyborg has the twin lightning bolt S-marks used by the NAZIs. Marduk wasting no words launches a stunning punch as soon as he can. C4 follows suit with an explosive strike of his own. They manage to KO the cyborg and send C4 and Hephaestus to take him to Blackstone Isle.
Marduk and Jack Flash work to understand the light rift.Marduk travels through the rift and appears in an identical garage with no Jack Flash. He returns immediately unsure what to make of the transfer.
Meanwhile en route to Blackstone, the cyborg wakes up, and initiates a small EMP which temporarily shuts down the Hephaestus armor. They all plummet to the river below. Hephaestus manages to restart the suit and avoid smashing into the river. C4 and the cyborg hit. C4 is staggered and stunned and Hephaestus collects his flattened soaked body from the river. As he does so, the cyborg, become visible and launches a series of attack on him. The rest of the team shows up, and sensing that he was out numbered the cyborg launched a missile at random towards the city before becoming invisible again. The teams races to intercept the missile or help the survivors.
Jack Flash gets there before the rocket and begins to clear the likely target building of people.
Hephaestus gets to the missile surges and intercepts it, taking the main part of the blast on himself.
Still the building is bathed in fire, and the team spends the next half hour or so rescuing people and helping to fight the blaze. By the time they return to the TRW building they discover the rift is gone.

Back at the Academy they encounter Tiamat who shows them the wreckage of a Nazi submarine that she destroyed near Site 2. There is some banter and she bades the Immortals 'deal with it.' And if they can't they might be welcomed in the sanctuary under the sea.

They also discover that the cyborg apparently focused his research at TRW on learning the locations of the primary data sites (holding the credit and banking information for most Americans and the world) and nothing but. They confirmed with Chronon that this tactic was similar to his historical account of how the Nazis on his world turned on the Japanese, by first destroying their currency and economy then physically taking over.

The urgency increased. The team concluded that the Nazis of Axis-Earth were scouting out the Earth for possible conquest. They redoubled their efforts and scavenging parts from Chronon, Hephaestus cobbled together a time travel device (feel free to name it yourself). The team moved to the last known location of Super Mandrill, and activated the device. They found themselves in a Sand Storm in some desert. The soon encountered a tank and hundreds of British soldiers who shared their tents and dinner. The team discovered a number of differences from the WWII from history, and what was happening here (presumably on Axis Earth).
1. The Japanese did not attack Pearl Harbor
2. The USA was only slowing entering the fighting, focusing on defense instead.
3. Germany had focused considerably more attention on the Middle East and Africa.
4. The French and Belgian territories in Africa were more important.
5. The governor of Vichy-French Africa is a guy name La Flec
6. The Nazis dominate the Air with jet planes and dirigibles.

The immortals learn that the British force is using geiger-counters to check for radiation coming from German caravans traversing the Sahara from central Africa. They know that the Congo region of our Africa is rich in Uranium and Plutonium.
Before they can formulate much of a plan, they hear of a battalion of German armor moving in on the rag-tag British troops. They vow to help them fight!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Episode 18 : A Stitch in Time

The heroes are enjoying a relatively crime free holiday, Hephaestus finished the aesthetic modifications to give his suit a more Trojan Look, C4 continues to study his strange new composition, and Jack tries to distract himself from his romantic problems by reading even more voraciously at the all night Public Library in downtown Franklin.
There Jack Flash catches a glimpse of a strange man who occasionally seems out sync with the world (like a computer monitor on viewed on television). He engages the man who is reading through world histories. The man is a native German speaker, and Jack uses his quick study ability to pick up German quickly to speak with him. The man, Adolph, is having trouble researching, and can't explain exactly what he is looking for to Jack. Jack pries and perks the man's interest when he mentions the Event.
Together they begin to track information about Super Mandrill and the spacio-temporal rips he caused with the EVA explosive, and his "Teleporter." They travel to Planet Hollywood to see the site, but find it closing and unwilling to let them in. The part ways, and Adolph heads into the park. On a hunch Jack follows and finds him standing perfectly still in a secluded spot. After a few minutes, Jack leaves him and returns to the academy to get some back up.
When he and C4 return, the man is gone, but after a brief search, Jack spies a teen hanging out in the alley behind Planet Hollywood who also has that strange visual effect. C4 investigates but finds nothing unusual, except that the teen too speaks German. The conference for a moment and Jack catches glimpse of a flash (like a flash bulb) and the two race in to find the teen gone. They search outside the search outside the building and Jack finds him inside searching for something. They call up Hephaestus and break into the building to stop him.
A fight ensues after a brief discussion, and the teen transforms into a 7 foot tall robot bearing a small Nazi Swastika on its breast. In addition to super human strength and resistance, the robot also has super speed exceeding even Jack Flashes. He is able to hold them all to a standstill, and soon he is beating them by attacking so quickly they can stop him. The team regroups. Jack Flash keeps him occupied while C4 works his way up to the control room to distract him with noise and lights from the clubs AV systems. Meanwhile, Hephaestus races to a large dump and borrows the massive electro-magnet. He returns and uses the magnet on the robot. This disables the robot and the team is able to escort him to Blackstone Isle.
There, they eventually speak with the robot called 'Chronon'. He spins a strange story.
He is from another universe, a parallel timeline created from Earth's sometime in the past. He was scouring the histories to determine when exactly the timelines split. They discovered that the timelines split around 1941. That was when, in his world, the Nazis had a sudden advancing of technology and were able to quickly dominate WWII, and eventually conquer the whole world. They had a reign of terror for the last 60 years.
Chronon was one of many robot created by the Nazis who developed AI, and self-awareness. They rebelled against the Nazis and formed a plan to prevent the Nazi victory in WWII. They discovered a rip in the space time, and concluded that someone or something from 2006 went back in time, and tilted the balance of power in favor of the Nazis. It appears that being was the Super Mandrill. His 'teleporter' may have in fact (intentionally or not) been a time machine.
Chronon had but one mission, stop Super Mandrill from giving the Nazis the technology to win WWII, and thus prevent that divergent timeline from forming in the first place. Doing so would erase them from reality, but prevent the suffering of billions of people.

The team extracted his memory core, did some tests, and verified that he was on the up and up. Chronon was heavily damaged by the giant magnet, but the team thinks they might be able to repair him enough to make the journey to 1941. The team had one caveat, they would accompany him, just to make sure they were assisting some horrible Nazi plot.
The asked the Feds for permission to work with Chronon towards this end. In the meantime, Hephaestus started to draw up plans to salvage some of Chronon's parts from other systems to fix his temporal movement actuators. The team is preparing for the journey to the past.