Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Episode 11: Meeting of Mines

Jack Flash and Ashley Morganthal take a much needed romantic vacation away from Freedom city.
Torrent descends into the gritty world of gang crime, as she tries to end the cycle of violence and protect her secret identity.
Marduk learns of a new Television program - Incredible Journeys, that will throw him into dangerous situations to provide a viewpoint never before available to television cameras.
Steel Dragon spends a couple weeks at Cromwell Labs at Site One working, mostly unsuccessfully on the pheromone weapons used by the Super Mandrill.
At a meeting with Cromwell scientists, Steel Dragon and Strobelight (Cromwell's hired Super) a small earthquake is felt, signalling a mining accident. They respond to the emergency, Steel Dragon and Strobe calling Marduk to assist them in the dark tunnels of the Cromwell Mines. They succeed in rescuing several miners trapped in various places of the vast underground complex. At one point they discover a melted smooth passageway, and wonder at its creations.
In the ongoing search they rescue a strange figure, another Super in the form of a lost miner whose body has transformed into clay like mineral. His months of lonely isolation and dramatic transformation appear to have wracked the poor man's mind. But before they can remove him to the surface another tremor is felt.
Just then, boring through the solid rock a strange wormlike creature whose body consists entirely of molten metal, mostly EVA, pouring into the room and examines the group. Steel Dragon tries to commune with the creature unsuccessfully, Marduk attempts to peacefully interact with it, but ultimately it is Strobelight who begins a violent confrontation. After a prolonged battle the team manages to subdue the creature long enough that although not dead, it slinks off.

They follow the strange creature and it leads them to another part of the underground complex. Here they discover a remarkable clockwork scene of wind up automatons and life like homes and buildings. Steel Dragon is entranced by the scene and vows to study the wonder. With some trepidation, he tells Marduk he will have to reliquish his membership in the Immortals for the time being. But he promises to keep in touch and remain at their service.

As they begin to leave the area, they encounter the strange albino-like miners who were excavating the scene. They seem unpleased to see their site disturbed, and unsure how to deal with this discovery. The team moves on. Marduk agrees to take Odd Deveraux, aka C4 back to the academy in hopes of helping the man deal with his transformation, and rescue.
So the Immortals lose one trusted member, but gain another.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Episode 10: Planet Hollywood of the Apes

Opening. Torrent, hoping to get a day away from the trials of being a superhero and protecting her secret identity from the Chinese Mafia takes a break to attend Oktoberfest in Freedom Park. While there she witnesses the blackout, caused in part, by the power station shutting down (see Episode 9). Even before then, the crowd seemed a little more rowdy than usual, probably due to the large quantities of free beer distributed at the party.
Meanwhile the Team rushes to Franklin General Hospital aboard the Osprey to get Ashley Morganthaal to the hospital. Steel Dragon lands the plan expertly on the helipad and Jack Flash escorts his lady-love to the emergency room.
The rest of the team high-tails it to the Park to help quell the growing riots there. JackFlash runs there as well once he is confident Ashley is being taking care of. The tam splits up: Maduk and Torrent tackling the problem of rioters at the Beer Garden, Jack Flash dealing with rioters outside of Planet Hollywood, and Steel Dragon checking out Planet Hollywood for the source of all this chaos.
Torrent summons a rain storm which dampens the energies of the rioters, and Marduk deals with the most aggressive of them in the beer garden. Jack Flash makes quick work of the dozens of rioters outside Planet Hollywood, and notices a Hummer Limo pull up and disgorge the SUper Mandrill and his CyberApe body guards. He focuses his attacks on the Super Mandrill, leaving he Cyber Apes to Marduk and Torrent who arrive shortly.
Super Mandrilll enters the building and is harried by Jack Flash and Steel Dragon, clearly not anticipating that the Team would be there in full force so early, he warned them of a bomb somewhere in the building. Jack Flash headed off to search for the Bomb and the rest of the team made pretty quick work of the Super Mandrill. When Torrent tried to short circuit the Super Mandrill's Lightning Field, it zapped the monkey, and he started to die. In Heroic form, Marduk resuscitated the Super Mandrill giving him time to warn of a plan in the works, before he invoked a nauseating teleport device and disappearing.
Meanwhile Jack Flash found the bom and took Steel Dragon to disarm it. Steel Dragon examined the bomb carefully and determined it was a fake. Jack Flash threw it in the river, just in case, and that was the end of that.
The hordes of people gathered near Planet Hollywood eventually drifted away or were dispersed by the police. The team left the scene wondering what long range plan SuperMandrill had in store for them.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Episode 9 : I Sing the Body Electric

A typical night for the Immortals - Marduk is hobnobbing with celebrities at the new Planet Hollywood, Jack Flash is out on a date with Ashley at Octoberfest in Freedom Park, Steel Dragon is at the Academy working on his latest project, Torrent is out patroling the dangerous streets of West Franklin.

At 11pm the TV screens around the city flash and all change to the image a rather pleased looking Super Mandrill. He speaks in his slow careful language.
"Greetings humanity. I apologize for over-riding your electronic teat. I know how fussy it makes you to miss a drop of your precious celebrity milk. But hungry you shall go, for it is time to pay for your greedy suckling. I give you one hour to organize yourselves and show your steady hands on the controls of the ship of state. After that I will plunge this city back into the dark ages of chaos and mayhem. Unless of course, you can exert some self control, you will descend on each other like dogs, no offense to my canine brethren. You have one hour."
That speech was followed by a cartoon monkey counting down one hour. The population began to panic, that is the population aside from those revellers in the park who are unaware of the Villain's threats.

The team leaps to action and is called to the mayor's situation room to plan a strategy. They all surmise that the Super Mandrill's plan is to attack the city's power grid. The logical target is the main sub-station just outside of town. In fact the sub-station was not responding to calls. Another person not responding was Torrent, for whatever reason she was unavailable to help the team.

The team rushes to the scene, with Ashley in tow, and arrives to find the sub-station quiet. Seeing that time was of the essence they landed nearby and ran to the scene. First on the scene was Jack Flash who surveyed the crime scene spotting several gorillas working mischief at the site. Marduk rushes in and begins to combat the Gorillas. Steel Dragon sends in his miniature Jade Dragon in to survey the scene.

They discover the Super Mandrill had his minions install a strange device to the main power distribution tower. It was unclear what the device would do, but it was clear it had to be stopped. Marduk focused his attention on thrashing the massive cybernetic gorillas. Although the challenge proved a more difficult task than it was when he first encountered the apes. At one point in his rage Marduk summoned a mighty sword to his hand and severed head of the cybernetic ape, causingsparks and blood to fly.

Steel Dragon maneuvered his mini-dragon to examine the strange device and then into the control room to disable the systems. Meanwhile Jack Flash harried the apes and began to pepper the strange device with stones. Steel Dragon's Dragon encountered a strange Television Headed Gorilla with the face of Super Mandrill on it. Some sort of remotely controlled construct with his intellect controlling it.

The TV-Headed gorilla flipped a large switch and the Device outside began to energize. The team redoubled its efforts to disable it. The fight continued and Marduk finished off the Super Mandrill's minions. Meanwhile the TV-Headed Gorilla was trying to make an escape. Steel Dragon and Jack Flash succeed in shutting down the entire power station. Jack Flash alerted Marduk to the villain's escape plans, and Marduk rushed forward to stop him. As he got there, he was mesmerized by the strange images on the screen. As Jack Flash tried to free him from the thrall of the sinister screen, he barreled into the beast, injuring them both. That seemed to jar Marduk out of his daze, and when the creature tried to grapple him, he hurled him across the station into the tower, discharging the last of the energies in the tower.

Jack Flash meanwhile was searching for Ashley who had disappeared from the Osprey. He found her smoking unconscious form in the grass near the fence. He grabbed her and moved her to the plane for transportation to a hospital.

The cyber-ape was destroyed. But in the last few seconds of power the TV screen revealed the Super Mandrill congratulated the team for its success in finishing his job. He told them his plan was about to reach fruition while they busied themselves at the sub-station.

The team grimly boarded their plane to confront the Super Villain's nefarious plans for the city.